Sunday, July 3, 2011

0 Sunday Best #1: Level Up

Despite the movies lack lustre showing at the box office Scott Pilgrim earned my respect throughout the entire movie.  Once it hit the shelves it became a cult hit and I could not deny buying a blu-ray copy for own entertainment.  It's hard to pinpoint my favourite part of the movie as each scene is a "level-up" in their own right.  One scene that does strike a 64-bit cord in my heart is when he defeats Ramona's first ex-boyfriend, the pirate, and is like "Sweet Coins...oh man $2.40 it's not even enough for the ride home." Despite being caught off guard by what has just transcribed he is still oblivious to the situation in that he is easily distracted by shiny objects.

In the blog sphere it appears that I am easily distract by shiny objects and oblivious to what is happening on other blogs.  By providing a Sunday Best (on a Saturday be it but hey I have a tournament this weekend so why not) I am able to remove the blinder and open my eyes into a whole new world.  Shiny objects whizzed past me and before I new I was exploring a variety of hobby blogs.  I stumbled across a lot of not so great post, some interesting ones and a few exceptional ones.  The exceptional ones that caught me off guard by surprising the hell out of me.  Like when I found out that "Bread makes you fat".  Enough filler though lets see who had their Sunday Best on this week :

Level 1/ Miniature Tim - Tools of the Trade
Tim explains to us the vital tools that we are hobbyist require to build a model.  Some of the tools that make his list are as simple as a hobby knife to as extraordinary as rare earth magnets.  Each item he explains why he has installed one on his batman utility belt.  In the end its a excellent post that both beginners and veterans alike can benefit from.

Level 2/ Caution: Bonds Skin Instantly - Kicking it Up
Despite this post being several weeks long it had the ability to to fight its' way to the top.  For the author Starminer Astro-comm has fought its' way to a special place in his heart.  A tournament that he describes as a hobby tournament; generalship, painting, composition, display, and sportsmanship.  For him he not only levels up but takes the hobby to a whole new level by displaying his army list in GW Codex format.  If you are a hipster that is always on the looks out for what is going to be the next big things well this it.  The best part is that he hints at posting a tutorial on how he made his personalized army codex.

Level 3/ Immaterium - Happy Tau Day
Not only does Dan Byer wish each and everyone of us a Happy Tau Day but he confuses the hell out of us with his weird math holidays.  Once you get past his "very convenient segue" he goes on to explain that "People could actually be playing 40k wrong".  GASP!!!  Give him a chance though as his point will blow your mind away.  The synapse of it all is that tournaments are not allowing players to play Warhammer 40k in the way it was designed to play.  Alpha Striking, terrain and time limitation being the problem.  The culprits however are the competitive players that taking advantage of  the inadequacies of the tournament organizers to help them win games.  Combine this with how much influence the internet has on the average player and I think Dan is to something.

Each of these post were a level unto their own.  They put the spot light on to our holiday by taking their blogs to the next level.  If you feel you have stepped up your blog and are deserving of a 1 Up then send me a email or a comment.  I have to get going though as I am currently watching Scott Pilgrim vs the World and throughly enjoying the Canadian filled reference on this Canada Day long weekend.

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