Sunday, July 24, 2011

9 Sisters of Slaanesh

"Take care, lest your protests grow tiresome. I have asked for so little! Anyone would think that I have asked you to sacrifice yourselves and your sons! And yet, in Slaanesh's boundless and pleasing mercy, I have asked only for your daughters. Surely you would not deny me my small enjoyments?"

Tyrell, Renegade Lord of Arden IX

My body is consumed with a plethora of emotions right now.  It shivers in excitement and cringes in anticipation for the White Dwarf Sisters of Battle Codex.  Regardless of the rules though I have found a new God to devote my time and energy to; Slaanesh. At the same time I have found an army that I once desired to lavish in the emotion of converting and painting; Sisters of Battle.  
Much like Matt Ward's debacle of Grey Knight Fluff I plan on smearing the Imperial virgins with the ecstasy of Slaanesh.  Through the combining of Imperial bits and Slaanesh Daemonettes I plan on building an unholy Sisters of Battle Army.  Once I get my hands on the two issues of White Dwarf I will be able to identify how I will fornicate on each and every unit. Until then I will be rounding up each and everyone of your daughters as you will not deny me my small enjoyments.


  1. Remember that you heard it here first - Sisters of Slaanesh. Hopefully I can be the first to get the models converted, painted and published on to the internet.

  2. All plastic Sisters baby all plastic!!!

  3. Once this project begins it means that I will have an army for three of the four chaos gods. The one who has been left out of battle is Tzeentch.

  4. Hell yeah I was planing on doing the same myself. I highly recommend looking @ some Dark Eldar Wych parts for them. Good Luck!

  5. I was looking at them this morning but none of the bitz were jumping out at me.

  6. perhaps some converted over for assassins.

  7. I was going to do this too...

    Wyche plus plastic new hag queen torsos = Repentia

    Guardian legs + armoured Eldar female torsos. Add shoulder pads and minimized SM backpacks = sisters.

    Also look for maxmini Amazon torsos.

    If you use them as CSM you get Sonic heavies, but then no Repentia...

    Check out this guys blog...

  8. The new vampire banshee will also make a great edition for conversion purposes. Cheers for the link.

  9. It's been a few months now, how goes the corruption? I eagerly await news!