Saturday, July 23, 2011

4 Saturday Shout Out #6: Warflake's 40k Blog

That is right fellow bloggers and readers I won Warflake's Follower Contest and now I am going to Disneyland.  Would like to go to Disney World but unfortunately that is a long haul compared to the short trip it would be down to California.  Enough rambling from me, lets get back to how I won and what I won.  Warflake ran a contest a month ago over at Warflake's 40k Blog in an effort to drum up more followers.  He had two qualification points, one being you had to be a follower of his blog and the second was you had to enter your favourite miniature.  To help entice his readers he threw up a prize in the form of an Ork Warboss model from 3rd edition.
Since the prize was an Ork I though I would enter an even bigger Ork as my favourite model.  Not only was it a bigger and meaner Ork but it was a Bigmek that I painted myself (picture at bottom of blog and link to post where I showcased him).  Regardless of size though the winner was picked randomly but perhaps Mork and Gork put a good word in with lady luck.  You can check out the other entries by heading over to Warflake's 40k Blog HERE and HERE.  While you are there be sure to check out his recent Space Marine Captain that he just recently converted.  

I would like to thank Warflake for holding this contest and for supporting not only my blog but numerous blogs via his blog exchange.  In the spirit of his contest I plan on "Paying it Forward" with my own model give away.  I have yet to work out the details but I have a feeling that the Ork Gods are going to be calling in their favour with me.  Keep your eyes peeled as you won't want to miss this contest.
Click here for more on BigMEK GearGrot


  1. Thank you very much kind sir!
    I enjoyed everyones entries it was a great contest.

  2. Where did you get the code for the MWC logo? I want to add it to my blog as I am going to join the site?

  3. Ah right sorry for late reply, I emailed them and asked them to help me out with my contest and they sent me the link. So if you email them and ask them for the link they send it to you.