Saturday, July 16, 2011

2 Saturday Shout Out #5: HOP Idol

That is right bloggers the HOTPanda has signed up to be the first House of Paincakes Idol.  For those you who don't know, the House of Paincakes is a blogging network that kicks butt and takes names.  Their contest kicks off on the July 21 and will handout two hefty prizes.  If I win, I would be given a premiere spot on their blog as an author and a dish at their paincake house.  The first prize being their weekly post is an awesome chance to reach out to a lager audience.  The dish at their dinner is what makes me scream in the warp.  I would have to go with HotPanda Paincakes.  Their is nothing better than having a fresh hot panda mixed in with some buttermilk, batter and some bamboo syrup on a Sunday morning.  MMMMMM I can already taste it, can you?  If not how about you check out the House of Paincakes for their debut contest, HOP Idol, and ensure that you vote for me.


  1. Cheers Warflake. Hopefully my internet gets hooked up at my new place without a hitch otherwise I might not even make it to the contest. SHould be fun though as I really enjoy writing and feel that I will have a lot of fun taking part in it.