Monday, July 4, 2011

4 A Rant...for that I Apologize

I'm lost for words but I feel that I need to spew out what is building in on my chest.  Think of it like me coughing up a big hunk of phlegm like when you have the flu.  It just feels good despite how unappealling it sounds.  That is what I am about to do and for that I apologize.

If you follow my blog you would know that I was off at a local two day tournament this weekend but if you don't follow the blog now you do.  This was a hobby tournament.  By that I mean, they wanted a weekend that embraced all aspects of the hobby equally which is right up my alley.  Besides the actually games, they had a best painter competition, best presentation, best overall, best general and even a pub quiz.  Sounds great doesn't it?  That is what I thought until the very last minute of day one.  Before I get to the final climax though there is a couple of points I wanted to go through in order to set the stage for my rant.

The first being that this tournament used a heavy composition modifier and by heavy I mean an iron gauntlet with brass knuckles and poisons blades on it.  Just harsh and nasty. The way it worked was that you were given ten points composition to start with.  From hear they had a about fifteen different modifiers that brought your score down.  Special characters minus one, filling a force organization slot right full minus one, duplicate choices minus one, monstrous creature minus one, front armour over 52 minus one, all troops taking a vehicle minus one, psyker  minus one, and the list goes on and on.  The average list scored a mere five.  With this number they change it to a decimal and multiply by your game score.  Meaning that if you got 15 points for winning and had a composition score of 4 (0.4) you actually get a score 6.  That means despite winning your could get a lower score than your opponent who lost to you.  Just plain out weird but I can live with it as they are trying to keep the win at all cost players away from the tourney and heck I just want some games with my wolves.  I can understand that they just want everyone to have a fun time by including everyone despite different approaches to the game.

However they decided to exclude 44 people (out of 58) from the presentation side of the tournament.  This was achieved by having the two tournament organizer picked their favourite seven armies from each game system.  They did this during games when people did not have their display boards out and when people where in the middle of games.  This meant if your centre piece model was destroyed you might have packed it up thus he never saw it.  What is pleasing to their eye is not necessarily pleasing to everyone else's eye.  This resulted in players with no display boards and models that were not finished being painted (black primer still showing) being up for best presentation.  Meanwhile other players who had elaborate display boards and a 100% finished army left out. Who are they to determine what army I think has the best presentation.  I thought they wanted to include everyone in the tournament that is what their logic for the composition was.  In painting though it seems that they wanted to exclude people from the fun.  How hard would it be to let the players decide on their own merits who had the best presentation.  To me the tournament organizers came across as a fascist tyrants who wanted they ideals in the spot light only.  It made me furious and sick.

To make mattters worse they added in their own rules for each mission by drastically changing the way the game works.  One mission allowed you to shoot at any unit that assaulted at you in your opponent player turn.  This gave a real edge to shooting focus armies while penalizing assault armies for playing to their strengths.  The tables barren of terrain by that I mean they had 10-15%.  The lack of terrain and the changing of the core rules made for a game that was not 40k.  Shooting armies and Orks with BigMeks were having the time of their lives while assault based armies were being punished for being in the open.

The icing on the cake was that the pub quiz was only for people who achieved a secondary objective meaning that if you were big into fluff but failed to score a secondary objective to sad to bad.  Once again excluding people out of the fun despite claiming that they wanted to include everyone.  Makes no sense to me and leaves me feeling like an angry panda.

The tide of rage is subsiding now and to anyone who happened to listen to my screams in the warp feel free to post your comments.  I will through up my regularly scheduled Model Mondays tomorrow where I will begin showing the various units in my finished Renegade Space Wolves army.


  1. There is nothing worse that going to a tournament and being bombarded by unorthodox rules...not to mention they other issues.
    Better luck next time.

  2. Hey man, I was looking for you on Sunday! I'm sorry to hear that you weren't happy with how things were going after day 1.

    I think there were some misunderstandings about a few things (ie. the pub quiz, which was open for everyone and prizes were a couple pitchers of frosty beverages, the Fluff Hunter award you mentioned was separate and for each question answered you got a ticket entered into a raffle to win some Black Library novels).

    The composition also wasn't quite that bad, the only way your battle scores went down was if your comp score was negative (ie. you'd need to score -6/10 to have your score go down to 0.4 like in your example). Anything above zero was a positive multiplier for your score. The plan for next year was to make the modifiers half as big for next year, so it would still be important but not crippling if you scored below 3-4. Also, the Mek list you described was a -2/10 on the comp system from what I heard, tied for lowest at the event.

    If it were up to me, some things probably would have been done a bit differently and there certainly would have been a bit more 40k terrain on the boards, but overall the majority of the people did have a good time and there were some good suggestions for next year.

    There's a lot to say, and posts aren't always the best way to do it. If you want to talk then drop me a line, or I can put you in touch with the guys who made the 40k system so you can offer some feedback and have things work out better next time.

  3. Anyone who has paid their money to enter and doesn't feel they want to return for day 2 (for reasons other than they lost their games on day 1) is terrible.

    Unfortunately I found a lot of tournaments have poor quantities and qualities of terrain on the tables, and even random added rules are not uncommon.

    It's a shame there wasn't the opportunity for unhappy peeps to be heard on the day – it's a bit late after the event.

  4. @Dan - I know a post does not always convey a situation especially when one is upset. I need to get this off my chest though as the tournament organizers handled things poorly via poor communication and the excluding of people. Like I said in my post the comp was no big deal as I just wanted to get some games in. My biggest turn off was that not everyone was up for best presentation. To worked hard on your army and then to be excluded was not cool.

    The reason I never turned back up was that I move to BC in 10 days. I had to decide if I wanted to play at the tournament that just made me grumpy than an old man or play with the friends over at my local hobby shop. It was a tough decision but in the end I did not want to ruin anyones tournament experience.

    I ran into a guy named Chris who is a member of Out of the Basement Gamers on Sunday and we talked about what happened. In the end I said it was the best presentation and how it was handled that turned me off the biggest. We also talked about followed the changing of the core rules for some of the missions and the lack of terrain. I thanked Chris for listening and had some great games with my friends one last time.