Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2 Model Mondays #8: Dreadnought

I could tell you that a crazed king kong sized robot that is painted red ate my models but that would be a lie.  The last thing I want is to be associated with John Matrix cause we all know he is a lair.  So the truth then well it was Robo Kong and he ate Monday.  I know it's hard to believe but a robot that size could actually eat the first day of the week....ummm yes that was a lie...in truth I just had one hell of a monday, you could say I case of the Mundays.
I know when I built my Renegade Dreadnought for my army of cannibalistic wolves I was on top of my game and letting the mundane oddities get to me.  I was inspired to create a robot, I mean Dreadnought that had a modern Chaos feel to it, unlike the out of date Chaos Dreadnought that GW has failed to update for us. Once again I dipped into my Tide of Spawn bits where I found the head of a former Khorne Berzerker that had been mutated in the name of the blood god.  This was not enough though so I looked to my jar-o-chaos where I found several Fantasy shields.  These worked great for not only pulling the eye around the model but they helped hide some of my green stuff work on the back.  Added a Khorne Icon to act as a battle banner from which the army could draw inspiration from.  Last but not least I threw on some chains with hooks for the chaos icing on the cake.  I had set aside a wolf pelt specifically for my dreadnought to help tie it into it's past employment as a Space Wolf.
When it came to painting the model I stuck to the army wide standard of red armour with oxidized brass. No secret here on how I painted these as I followed recipes set by Brian over at "A Gentleman's Ones".  The details are minor in nature but I did not ingore them due to their size.  I used my Dreadnought for my maiden voyage at painting lenses.  I used blue for the lenses as I want to create a contrast that helped mellow out the sharpness of the green to red.  I am really happy with how they turned out and feel that I nailed it.  The parchment was painted by basing them in dheneb stone then washing it with delvan mud.  Next I layered on dheneb stone followed up by a final layer of bleached bone.  To hep blend the colours I washed over the army with delvan mud once again.  For the script I used a black micron pens and drew on some squiggles.  I felt that writing actually words made no sense on a model of this scale will some scribbling represented it bang on.
Game play wise I went with a dreadnought fitted out with the classic multi-melta and heavy flamer load out.  Not only is it cheap but it's a jack of all trades master of none thus allowing it to handle both vehicles and hordes.  The multi-melta was what I really wanted as it meant that on turn one I would be dropping a grand total of six multi-meltas that would be able to engage three targets.  The other unit adding to this was last weeks Long Fangs.  Just these two units alone can turn any mechanized army into a grave yard of molten steel thus ruining your opponents plans from the get go.  This is key for my army as I don't have a great deal of mobility.  I aim to compensate for this by taking my opponents away thus levelling the playing field.  Unfortunately his track record is 50/50 at this point but when he does come through its with aces full.
I have yet to flesh out the fluff side of this model as I am not sure if I should have him incased in his sarcophagus when he was still loyal to the corpse god or after he turned.  I want him to play a critical role in the future of The Ravenous and may have him act as a catalyst to a very significant event.  I do not want to give away the story just yet as I am planning on hatching it out in a writing class that I am about to enrol in.  Let's just say that their is going to be some in-feuding that will lead them down a dark road soaked in their own blood.


  1. Looking cool. The main suggestion I would have is to make the weapon barrels look more like barrels - as is they look like they're capped. Drilling out, or even a small dot of paint would make them look much better IMO.

    Look forward to hearing his story!

  2. Thanks SonsofTaurus. I have often stuggled with the concept of barrels being drilled out or left as is. I do like your concept of painting a black dot to represent the hole though.