Monday, July 18, 2011

0 Model Mondays #7: Grey Hunters

"They refuse to fight in close combat, preferring the range of their bolters?  That is fine then bring the eight of them before me and I will give them what they want then" demanded Wolf Lord Manitous to one of his Wolf Guard.

As soon as Manitous laid eyes on them he broke into a sprint towards them.  The bulk and weight of his ancient terminator armour did not even slow him down due the rage that was surging through his veins.  It fuelled his muscles with the blood that they demanded.  The first Grey Hunter did not even feel the bite of the Daemon Axe as it cleaved his head clean off his shoulders.  The second Grey Hunter stood their in shock and awe as the blood of his brethren washed over his face.  Before he formulate what had just taken place Manitous slammed his powerfist straight into the bridge of his nose causing his skull to cave in.  He died instantly.  The other six Grey Hunters fell to their knees and begged for their Lord's mercy.

"You dishonour not only yourself but the rest of this wolf pack with your cowardice actions" screamed Manitous as he paced back and forth in front of them.  Grasping the skull of a Grey Hunter with his powerfist he tilted his head up towards him and asked the pathetic fool "what would the Blood God want me to do with you?"  Before the wolf could answer Manitous flexed his fingers inwards causing the skull in his hand to exploded in a bloody mess.  "The rest of you will not be so lucky.  Strip the paint off your left shoulder and paint it black.  Every member of this pack will know of your shame and you will not be given the opportunity to redeem yourselves in close combat.  You can have your bolters but you will not have the the blessing of myself let alone the almighty Khorne."

This is my only squad in my army that is not represented with Khorne's scared number of eight.  The five members of this squad have their left shoulder pad painted black to represent their shame.  This easily allows me to tell what Grey Hunter squad they belong as the other two have that shoulder pad painted oxidized brass or blood red.  To further help set them apart from the other squads I modelled each of them with a battle axe.  Let's not forget the minor detail but distinguishing feature of my army; unique faces.  As the Mondays roll by you will begin to see that their are no two faces the same.
Game-wise this squads objective is to capture objectives in my back field while lending their Razorback to provide some fire support.  The squad is stripped down to the bare bones with the fact that they are the minimum squad size, lack a power weapons and have no wulfen.  I did allow the squad to keep their melta gun just incase opportunity comes knocking on their door.  Unfortunately though I did not have the points to give turn one of them into a Wulfen.  This sadden not only me but the blood god greatly.  
You might notice that their is a sixth member but that is actually the only Wolf Guard not in Terminator armour.  This is his punishment for shying away from close combat.  He joins the squad nine time out of ten but on occasion he goes alone in his Wolf Guard squad's Razorback. I will delve further into both him, his squad and the Razorback later in the month.  

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