Monday, July 11, 2011

0 Model Mondays #6: Long Fangs

"Once the proud and noble warriors of Bran Bloodmaw of whom he favoured the most amongst his wolf pack.  They barely resemble the image that Bran Bloodmaw had moulded them into.  They have abandoned all their former armour and weapons with tributes from their new Wolf Lord; Manitous. The first gift being their wolf shaped helmets that signify that they are Manitous' Honour Guard.  They are the only members of The Ravenous that have been given the privilege of wearing a helmet.  They honour Manitous by smearing the blood of the fallen over their helmets.   The second gift was their Legion of the Damned armour that Manitous acquired from a squad that he personally dispatched.  The last gift was their Multi-Melta that were custom fit with servo harnesses that allow them to fire them on the move.  This was given to them as Manitous deem all other heavy weapons to be of little significants due to their long range.  He wants warriors to not only see but taste and smell the death that they unleash in the name of Khorne."
I painted my Long Fangs with the fact that they are Wolf Lord Manitous' honour guard.  As such i wanted them to be adorned in oxidized brass like Manitous himself.  This signifies their pecking order amongst the other members of The Ravenous.  The more oxidized armour the higher up in the pack that member is.  Only Manitous himself is above them.  Ascetically I wanted their red helmets to pop but mitigating the amount of red on the models.  This came along with a cost though as it meant that I would not be able to show case the minuet details present in their Legion of the Damned armour.  Perhaps at a latter time I may entertain the idea of using the colour black to pick out some of these details.
From a gaming perspective I wanted to have my Long Fangs acting as a one hell of an alpha strike squad.  This was achieved in four stages.  The first being within the squad's Sergeant who can enable the rest of the squad to split their fire between two targets at the cost of his.  The second part was given them a Drop Pod which would allow them to strike where they could cause the most destruction.  Next was the pairing up of Njal Stormcaller with them who add both offensive and defensive capabilities through his psychic powers.  Finally the icing on the cake was Logan Grimnar (Wolf Lord Manitous) in that he can make them relentless. This allows them to fire their five Multi-Meltas both on the turn they come in or when they move.

Fluff-wise this squad leads from the front like true alpha males in a wolf pack. Yes I know they are not the most effective squad in terms of unit use and cost but it's fun as hell to strip the mobility out of a mechanized army.  Especially when combined with a several other anti tank units joining in on the destruction.

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