Wednesday, July 6, 2011

5 Model Mondays #5: 100% Ravenous

"Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war."

"It's been a long, perilous fast but it is now time for us to feed.  We were once Space Wolves part of Lord Bran Bloodmaw's Great Company but now we are The Ravenous.  Our history is still of the Wolf but now we are rabid with rage and hunger.  We will get our revenge on Bloodmaw and his cowardice lap dogs for abandoning us.  

Our Rune Priests have seen a future where we bath in glory of Glory of the Blood God.  They have linked this vision to the Khrone Fragmentations.  It is that journey that we are about to embark upon.  Prepare the pack for war."

It took 64 days but the Ravenous are complete and by that I mean they are painted the colour done.  I think I have created an army that Khorne would smile upon.  Cannibalistic renegades hell bent on destroying their former Wolf Lord and his Great Company.  They will stop at nothing to ensure their revenge is achieved.  In terms of modelling I was able to make each model an individual warrior of Khorne by giving all but Lord Manitous (counts as Logan Grimnar) and my Long Fangs unique helmet-less bits.  The Long Fangs were given their helmets by Lord Manitous as sign of the hubris he holds for them.  Even the crew for my two Land Speeders have unique faces.  To further The Ravenous' loyalty to Khorne I replaced their Great Company shoulder pad with a Khornite one.  
The Ravenous
Each of these were subtle in nature and I debated how I could further the development of the Blood God.  Adam over at the Space Wolves Blog helped me come to a conclusion on this by commenting that I should use my paint scheme to speak for the army instead of the bits themselves.  With that firmly embedded in my logic I made the decision to forgo the traditional greyish blue paint scheme and opted for a something more in line with Blood God.  This meant that red would be my dominate colour but what other colours should I use?  Green was the next logical colour as it complements red.  This complementary scheme is intrinsically high-contrast and draws maximum attention.  
Grey Hunters closing in on the Khorne Fragments
With a strong foundation of a complimentary colours I set out to smooth out the tension that red and green can create.  A split complimentary colour scheme achieves just that by striking a balance by using a colour and the adjacent colours to it's complimentary; yellow and blue.  The yellow was set into motion by representing it through a yellowish brass.  Brass is seen in both Space Wolves and with followers of Khorne.  It along with the green was used to weather The Ravenous' armour by oxidizing it.  This weathering of their armour is called verdigris and is can be seen on the iconic Statue of Liberty.  Blue was injecting into the model with by splashing vibrants blues into power weapons, rending claws, force weapons, lenses and gems.  The blue is able to briefly draw one's eye of away thus encouraging the viewer to explore the model.   
Lord Manitous
In the weeks to come I will show case the various units of The Ravenous each and every Monday.  While on Wednesdays I will be expanding them with a Khorne CSM army that is being used in The Independent Characters Challenge.  So be sure to tune in as this is just a taste of what The Ravenous will become.
Long Fangs protecting their Wolf Lord
Grey Hunters
Wolf Guard Terminators


  1. Note that the yellow lenses for Lord Manitous have been repainted a subtle red as I found the former to be distracting.

  2. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. It's been absolutely fantastic watching this come together. Looking forward to more.

    To the Ravenous!!!

  3. @Brian - As a fellow follower of Starminer's Blog "Caution: Bonds Skin Instantly" you might have seen his army codex. I want to make such a codex but for the Ravenous. One part Space Wolves, one part Chaos Space Marine with glimpse into their history, units, armies (list that is) and evolution.

  4. @Brian - Thanks for all the recipes that your blog provides. Without them I would never of gotten my army complete.

  5. Cheers. The pleasure is entirely mine, and I am extremely pleased that the recipes have worked for you so well.

    The Codex idea is really exciting. That is definitely something I would like to try.