Friday, July 29, 2011

4 Flashback Friday #10: Nurgle Sorcerer

"All four of its eyes glowed, as its mandibles open and closed.  A steady flow of mucous poured out from not only its mouth but the open wounds on its face. Nurgle Sorcerer Wahid did not care that he was peerless within The Betrayer's of Pain as it granted him the solitude that his work required. Daemon Prince Amir Zulfiqar had left the Palustris Project in his hands.  A project that would corrupt their souls and bind them with the swamps of Bastionbeil. He had not only held the past and the present in his hands but the future of the Company of the Shadow as well..."

The main reason for this model was that I wanted to tone down my 1000pt army list down, by dropping my Daemon Princes.  Two Eternal Warriors are just a little to much at that point level and I felt like a scum bag using them against my fellow gamers who were just out to roll some dice.  I settled on a Nurgle Sorcerer which is a unit you rarely see.

I did some minor conversions like reposing the right arm to help open the model up so that all was visible to the eye. I also chopped off the chainsword on the combi-melta and replaced it with the blade of a scythe. The reaper blade is strong symbol of Nurgle, one that is seen and wielded by the Death Guard's very own, Lord Typhus. As per, I threw on my Nurgle fungus and modeled up a flame in his left hand.  The flame first and foremost was a way to represent the pyschic powers that this modeled possessed, aka the dark arts. I needed to do this since I did not have an atypical staff or even look to my Socerer. The flame is also an experiment on my part and is actually made from tissue paper. Essentially I balled up and then twisted a small piece of it and then coated it in super glue to harden it. From a modeling stand point it seems to hold it ground but we will have to see how it stands up to being painted before I find out how effective it truly is.  The bitz I used ranged from Fantasy Dryad and zombie bits, to Chaos Possessed Marine bits and a Chaos Terminator Lord kit. I cannot wait to get this model painted.

From a gaming and tactica stand point lets have a look at what a Chaos Sorcerer has to offer. The Chaos Sorcerer is the only non-Special Character model that has access to a Force Weapon.  When compared to these Special Characters a Sorcerer is a cheap alternative. A Force weapon offers you the ability to kill multi wound models outright in close combat, in other words an assassin.  Most people, myself included, feel that a Daemon Prince is the the a better call however the biggest advantage that a Sorcerer has over a Daemon Prince is that he can hide inside a unit by attaching himself to one. This means that in terms of shooting you must either saturate that unit with enough wounds for one per model or kill every model in the unit he is attached to before you can kill the Sorcerer. There are two ways to go about employing these foul creatures; Terminator Armour or with Wings.

Terminator Armour:
-Durability and an improved invulnerable save are the biggest two advantages. The downside though is that you just limited its method of transportation by 50% since Terminator Armoured models can only ride in a Land Raider. The Terminator Armour is going to offer you the ability to take a combi weapon at a dirt rock bottom price of 5pts. This is nice addition for when you you need a melta of flamer. This variant is an excellent unit to thrown in with any unit in a Land Raider whether is a Terminator Squad or any Cult Marine Squad.

-The nice thing about wings is that you get all the advantages of being jump infantry but are also allowed to ride in vehicles. This can throw off an unsuspecting opponent when the you have your Sorcerer Spring out from his transport and move 12" instead of 6". A winged Sorcerer is an excellent choice if you employ Raptors in your army or for hanging out with any other squad then breaking off from them so it can sink his claws and only his claws into his own target.

Once last note before I sign off on this post. Nurgle Sorcerer Wahid was the first non competitive model that I constructed for my Nurgle CSM army. He has paved the way for a series other units that were created to both enhance the fluff and for the shear enjoyment of modeling. The Palustris Project, which I mentioned in his fluff intro, encompasses such models. My next several Friday Flashbacks will wipe away the mud and delve into each of these units.


  1. He looks the business, can't wait to see him fully painted. Its also good to see some models that are not usually used on the gaming table getting a chance to shine.

  2. I really like the conversion of this model, it's really nice and - more importantly - doesnt look like "conversion work" as such, it looks more like professional sculpting(of course, this is once it's been painted in some way shape or form)- I just wish I could sculpt greenstuff that well!
    I have only one question tho, when you say that it's to add to the fluff, what fluff is this exactly? cheers.

  3. Thanks for the compliments on the conversion Slizzer. In each of my Flashback Friday posts I have been starting them out with a timbit of fluff. Essentially one to three small paragraphs that open a window into the background of the various units/characters in my Nurgle CSM army. I hope to use these a short story eventually via a creative writing class that I will be signing up for this winter. Use the Litanies of Hate, labels, on the right side of my blog, haf way down and click on Flashback Friday, Fluff, and/or Betrayer's of Pain to read more of what I wrote.

  4. The Chaos Terminator Lord/Socerer is a great kit and deserves being used for both.