Sunday, July 31, 2011

2 Sunday Best #5: Art of War

"Sun Tzu emphasized the importance of positioning in military strategy, and that the decision to position an army must be based on both objective conditions in the physical environment and the subjective beliefs of other, competitive actors in that environment. He thought that strategy was not planning in the sense of working through an established list, but rather that it requires quick and appropriate responses to changing conditions. Planning works in a controlled environment, but in a changing environment, competing plans collide, creating unexpected situations (Provided by Wikipedia)." Just like how Sun Tzu understood the importance of positioning when it came to strategy so do this week's Sunday Best. Think of these three bloggers as your military advisor and you will soon find yourself coming out on top of the ever changing environment that is Warhammer 40k.

Natfka at the Faeit 212 emphasizes what he feels is the number one planning consideration when it comes to warhammer 40k, deployment. Deployment sets the framework for the war that you are about to engage in. A misstep here can fill your mouth with the bitter taste of defeat before you even realize it. Natfka provides us with four planning considerations that we can use to help keep us on our toes and on top of the battle.

RollTheDice22 knows all to well that your perfect deployment can turn to a pile of rubble thanks to a single dice roll, stealing the initiative. The biggest mistake one can make when deploying first is committing your forces 100% into thinking that you have the opening move. Not ignoring the other foot he provides us with advise on deploying second. RollTheDice22 goes on to say that one must maximize the impact of stealing the initiative while eliminating the risks of losing the initiative.

Difsta takes right into the heat of the battle where the the bloodshed is the thickest, close combat. For him though one opponent is simply not enough. Difsta advises us on the art of multi assaults and the rule consideration one must take when attempting them. There are five important rules one must abide to if they are to pull off the audacity of charging multiple units correctly. The key to it all lies not in the assault phase but rather the movement phase.

Each of these advisors has provided us with some insight into the art of warfare in the 41st millennium. During your next encounter with the enemy remember that the environment is constantly changing and plans are colliding. By remembering the words of these three advisors you will be able to create unexpected situations that will lead down the path of victory.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

9 Saturday Shout Out #7: From the Warp

From the Warp has been an unsung hero for The Chaos Manifesto since its' inception.  It has been quietly bringing in a steady flow of traffic over the last three months.  It may not have caused any traffic jams but it always provides a steady flow of Land Speeders moving towards my blog.  

From the Warp has played a huge part in many of our blogs by supporting them over the years.  Without his blog many of our own would be a lone body lost in the warp.  On top of this Ron has a steady diet tutorials on his blog.  He is a master of freehand and his conversions will strike a cord with your dark grim imagination.  On top of all this Ron takes the time to visit a large number of blogs.  Recently he has also embarked on a new site, The Painting Tree, that is dedicated to those involved with Commissions.  This new site will help both those looking to hire someone to paint one of their models and those looking for models to paint.  

If you have a blog and have not yet signed up for From the Warp head on over and sign up as you will not regret it.  While you are there have a peek around his site as you might find a hobby tip or two that you will benefit from.

Friday, July 29, 2011

4 Flashback Friday #10: Nurgle Sorcerer

"All four of its eyes glowed, as its mandibles open and closed.  A steady flow of mucous poured out from not only its mouth but the open wounds on its face. Nurgle Sorcerer Wahid did not care that he was peerless within The Betrayer's of Pain as it granted him the solitude that his work required. Daemon Prince Amir Zulfiqar had left the Palustris Project in his hands.  A project that would corrupt their souls and bind them with the swamps of Bastionbeil. He had not only held the past and the present in his hands but the future of the Company of the Shadow as well..."

The main reason for this model was that I wanted to tone down my 1000pt army list down, by dropping my Daemon Princes.  Two Eternal Warriors are just a little to much at that point level and I felt like a scum bag using them against my fellow gamers who were just out to roll some dice.  I settled on a Nurgle Sorcerer which is a unit you rarely see.

I did some minor conversions like reposing the right arm to help open the model up so that all was visible to the eye. I also chopped off the chainsword on the combi-melta and replaced it with the blade of a scythe. The reaper blade is strong symbol of Nurgle, one that is seen and wielded by the Death Guard's very own, Lord Typhus. As per, I threw on my Nurgle fungus and modeled up a flame in his left hand.  The flame first and foremost was a way to represent the pyschic powers that this modeled possessed, aka the dark arts. I needed to do this since I did not have an atypical staff or even look to my Socerer. The flame is also an experiment on my part and is actually made from tissue paper. Essentially I balled up and then twisted a small piece of it and then coated it in super glue to harden it. From a modeling stand point it seems to hold it ground but we will have to see how it stands up to being painted before I find out how effective it truly is.  The bitz I used ranged from Fantasy Dryad and zombie bits, to Chaos Possessed Marine bits and a Chaos Terminator Lord kit. I cannot wait to get this model painted.

From a gaming and tactica stand point lets have a look at what a Chaos Sorcerer has to offer. The Chaos Sorcerer is the only non-Special Character model that has access to a Force Weapon.  When compared to these Special Characters a Sorcerer is a cheap alternative. A Force weapon offers you the ability to kill multi wound models outright in close combat, in other words an assassin.  Most people, myself included, feel that a Daemon Prince is the the a better call however the biggest advantage that a Sorcerer has over a Daemon Prince is that he can hide inside a unit by attaching himself to one. This means that in terms of shooting you must either saturate that unit with enough wounds for one per model or kill every model in the unit he is attached to before you can kill the Sorcerer. There are two ways to go about employing these foul creatures; Terminator Armour or with Wings.

Terminator Armour:
-Durability and an improved invulnerable save are the biggest two advantages. The downside though is that you just limited its method of transportation by 50% since Terminator Armoured models can only ride in a Land Raider. The Terminator Armour is going to offer you the ability to take a combi weapon at a dirt rock bottom price of 5pts. This is nice addition for when you you need a melta of flamer. This variant is an excellent unit to thrown in with any unit in a Land Raider whether is a Terminator Squad or any Cult Marine Squad.

-The nice thing about wings is that you get all the advantages of being jump infantry but are also allowed to ride in vehicles. This can throw off an unsuspecting opponent when the you have your Sorcerer Spring out from his transport and move 12" instead of 6". A winged Sorcerer is an excellent choice if you employ Raptors in your army or for hanging out with any other squad then breaking off from them so it can sink his claws and only his claws into his own target.

Once last note before I sign off on this post. Nurgle Sorcerer Wahid was the first non competitive model that I constructed for my Nurgle CSM army. He has paved the way for a series other units that were created to both enhance the fluff and for the shear enjoyment of modeling. The Palustris Project, which I mentioned in his fluff intro, encompasses such models. My next several Friday Flashbacks will wipe away the mud and delve into each of these units.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

2 WIP it Wednesday #12: Daemon Prince

The a mythical creature appearing in the mythology of theAlgonquian people. It is a malevolent cannibalistic spirit which can transform into humans, or which could possess humans. Those who indulged in cannibalism were at particular risk, and the legend appears to have reinforced this practice as a taboo.

Wendigo psychosis is a culture-bound disorder which involves an intense craving for human flesh and the fear that one will turn into a cannibal. This once occurred frequently amongAlgonquian Native cultures, though has declined with the Native American urbanization" (provided by Wikipedia: Wendigo)
For The Ravenous, Renegade Space Wolves, they purposely indulge in cannabablistic behaviour in an attempt to be possessed by a Wendigo.  They first began this practice after their former Wolf Lord, Bran Bloodmaw, left them for dead on a planet engulfed in a warp storm.  With no supplies and surrounded by Warp infested Daemons, they were forced to eat their fallen brothers to survive.  Cases of possession began within a select few Grey Hunters which manifested itself into Wulfen like creatures.  Seen as a gift from the Blood God himself they envied those that he had marked.  Eventually the members of The Ravenous only craved human flesh and would rather go without eating if that is what it came to.  There were even a few instances where some became so consumed with their hunger that they ate themselves. The bulk of the members that are possessed end up being consumed by the warp itself and becoming mindless spawn.  Only one member has achieved the ultimate level of Wendigo psychosis to date. Since then the more and more members are displaying traits of a Wendigo.

I am actuall going to be stripping this model and rebasing it despite how it turned out.  The biggest reason for this is that I did not record how I painted the skin on him as it is the same recipe I planned on painting my Fenris Wolves/Lesser Daemons.  The second reason is that I need this model to be unpainted for The Independent Characters Hobby Challenge which requires 1850 points of unpainted models.  The reason for the rebasing is two fold.  First I was not happy with how delicate the cork was. Simply touching it result in it crumbling away.  Second I have applied hot glue to create a lava flow effect which does not work with blending this army in with its' Space Wolves counterpart.  With this being the goal I will need to base not just this model but all of the models with slate.  I have actually finished basing this model but was unable to take any pics as the glue was still drying.  

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2 Model Mondays #8: Dreadnought

I could tell you that a crazed king kong sized robot that is painted red ate my models but that would be a lie.  The last thing I want is to be associated with John Matrix cause we all know he is a lair.  So the truth then well it was Robo Kong and he ate Monday.  I know it's hard to believe but a robot that size could actually eat the first day of the week....ummm yes that was a truth I just had one hell of a monday, you could say I case of the Mundays.
I know when I built my Renegade Dreadnought for my army of cannibalistic wolves I was on top of my game and letting the mundane oddities get to me.  I was inspired to create a robot, I mean Dreadnought that had a modern Chaos feel to it, unlike the out of date Chaos Dreadnought that GW has failed to update for us. Once again I dipped into my Tide of Spawn bits where I found the head of a former Khorne Berzerker that had been mutated in the name of the blood god.  This was not enough though so I looked to my jar-o-chaos where I found several Fantasy shields.  These worked great for not only pulling the eye around the model but they helped hide some of my green stuff work on the back.  Added a Khorne Icon to act as a battle banner from which the army could draw inspiration from.  Last but not least I threw on some chains with hooks for the chaos icing on the cake.  I had set aside a wolf pelt specifically for my dreadnought to help tie it into it's past employment as a Space Wolf.
When it came to painting the model I stuck to the army wide standard of red armour with oxidized brass. No secret here on how I painted these as I followed recipes set by Brian over at "A Gentleman's Ones".  The details are minor in nature but I did not ingore them due to their size.  I used my Dreadnought for my maiden voyage at painting lenses.  I used blue for the lenses as I want to create a contrast that helped mellow out the sharpness of the green to red.  I am really happy with how they turned out and feel that I nailed it.  The parchment was painted by basing them in dheneb stone then washing it with delvan mud.  Next I layered on dheneb stone followed up by a final layer of bleached bone.  To hep blend the colours I washed over the army with delvan mud once again.  For the script I used a black micron pens and drew on some squiggles.  I felt that writing actually words made no sense on a model of this scale will some scribbling represented it bang on.
Game play wise I went with a dreadnought fitted out with the classic multi-melta and heavy flamer load out.  Not only is it cheap but it's a jack of all trades master of none thus allowing it to handle both vehicles and hordes.  The multi-melta was what I really wanted as it meant that on turn one I would be dropping a grand total of six multi-meltas that would be able to engage three targets.  The other unit adding to this was last weeks Long Fangs.  Just these two units alone can turn any mechanized army into a grave yard of molten steel thus ruining your opponents plans from the get go.  This is key for my army as I don't have a great deal of mobility.  I aim to compensate for this by taking my opponents away thus levelling the playing field.  Unfortunately his track record is 50/50 at this point but when he does come through its with aces full.
I have yet to flesh out the fluff side of this model as I am not sure if I should have him incased in his sarcophagus when he was still loyal to the corpse god or after he turned.  I want him to play a critical role in the future of The Ravenous and may have him act as a catalyst to a very significant event.  I do not want to give away the story just yet as I am planning on hatching it out in a writing class that I am about to enrol in.  Let's just say that their is going to be some in-feuding that will lead them down a dark road soaked in their own blood.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

9 Sisters of Slaanesh

"Take care, lest your protests grow tiresome. I have asked for so little! Anyone would think that I have asked you to sacrifice yourselves and your sons! And yet, in Slaanesh's boundless and pleasing mercy, I have asked only for your daughters. Surely you would not deny me my small enjoyments?"

Tyrell, Renegade Lord of Arden IX

My body is consumed with a plethora of emotions right now.  It shivers in excitement and cringes in anticipation for the White Dwarf Sisters of Battle Codex.  Regardless of the rules though I have found a new God to devote my time and energy to; Slaanesh. At the same time I have found an army that I once desired to lavish in the emotion of converting and painting; Sisters of Battle.  
Much like Matt Ward's debacle of Grey Knight Fluff I plan on smearing the Imperial virgins with the ecstasy of Slaanesh.  Through the combining of Imperial bits and Slaanesh Daemonettes I plan on building an unholy Sisters of Battle Army.  Once I get my hands on the two issues of White Dwarf I will be able to identify how I will fornicate on each and every unit. Until then I will be rounding up each and everyone of your daughters as you will not deny me my small enjoyments.

3 Sunday Best #4: Community

Zombie Jesus Day is all about sharing brains with others and no one can argue that zombies are not a tight knit community.  Think about it, zombies don't attack other zombies, rather they work as a mindless horde.  Sure the front rank is going to take some casualties but in the end the throng of zombies is going to get the brains that they are craving.  Together they are an efficient oil machine but alone they are vulnerable like baby seal in the Canadian North.  Blogging can be a cold bitter place at times but deep in its cracks there is community that is bonded together through a deep spirituality.  Here one can find those who prefer to share the delicious goodies that they find with the rest of the pack.  This past week I came across three of these unique individuals who place the community before themselves.

Zombie #1 - Dark Future Gaming: It Came from the Forums
Old School Terminator runs a feature that is dedicated to providing his followers with feast that is compile from dredging the various forums for "the best and brightest work...that isn't already flying around the blogs".  His feature saves the shambling horde from having to do the hard work of finding mind blowing armies, paint jobs and project logs.  This week he has found the brain's of Yggdrasil from Dakka Dakka glowing with object source lighting, vibrant colours and unique conversions.

Zombie #2: - The Emperor's Codex: Emperor's Chosen Week 2
Drkmorals' escaped from my Chaos infested Zombie horde last week when he featured one of my post in his debut top X.  I was honour to have a spot reserved for the first tasting of this feature and eagerly awaited the second course.  This week he served up a seven course meal that featured some Dark Eldar, a Kill Team of Space Marines, human faces, Warmachines, more Dark Eldar, Imperial Guard and some fresh meat.

Zombie #3 - Faeit 212: Blog Exchange Additions
Natfka serves up a double burger of OMG when he became overloaded with new members for his blog exchange.   Not only was his post sharing with the community but his sites continuously serves up a steady meal of team cohesion.  Natfka looks to promote the hunger of those around him through his blog exchange program.  Sure he benefits from this exchange by having each of his followers promote his need for brains but the ethos of the blogging community is served ten fold through his actions.

Each of these Zombie's has evolved past the greed from ones own desire for food and is now promoting the community's hunger.  This sharing of intellect ensures the survival of blogging as a whole.  I challenge each of you who has a blog of their own to follow in their foot steps.  While those of you who just read the mindless dribble I dare you to leave a comment or two on any post that has fuelled your decrypted mind.  Before you begin to shamble your way across the internet to sample the three blogs above remember that you cannot survive as a lone Zombie.  Rather your existence is dependent upon a horde (community) that is undead and breaths the word of Zombie Jesus...SHARE.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

4 Saturday Shout Out #6: Warflake's 40k Blog

That is right fellow bloggers and readers I won Warflake's Follower Contest and now I am going to Disneyland.  Would like to go to Disney World but unfortunately that is a long haul compared to the short trip it would be down to California.  Enough rambling from me, lets get back to how I won and what I won.  Warflake ran a contest a month ago over at Warflake's 40k Blog in an effort to drum up more followers.  He had two qualification points, one being you had to be a follower of his blog and the second was you had to enter your favourite miniature.  To help entice his readers he threw up a prize in the form of an Ork Warboss model from 3rd edition.
Since the prize was an Ork I though I would enter an even bigger Ork as my favourite model.  Not only was it a bigger and meaner Ork but it was a Bigmek that I painted myself (picture at bottom of blog and link to post where I showcased him).  Regardless of size though the winner was picked randomly but perhaps Mork and Gork put a good word in with lady luck.  You can check out the other entries by heading over to Warflake's 40k Blog HERE and HERE.  While you are there be sure to check out his recent Space Marine Captain that he just recently converted.  

I would like to thank Warflake for holding this contest and for supporting not only my blog but numerous blogs via his blog exchange.  In the spirit of his contest I plan on "Paying it Forward" with my own model give away.  I have yet to work out the details but I have a feeling that the Ork Gods are going to be calling in their favour with me.  Keep your eyes peeled as you won't want to miss this contest.
Click here for more on BigMEK GearGrot

Friday, July 22, 2011

3 Flashback Friday #9: Mutating the Chaos Gene

Mutation - Mu·ta·tion: An alteration or change, as in nature, form, or quality.

When it comes to Warhammer 40k one can cause a small alteration to their army list that can result in quality list as opposed to a mediocre army list. Today I am going to discuss how I mutated my Chaos Space Marine Army, Betrayer's of Pain, and turned them into a competitive army. In my first post in this series about the Betrayer's of Pain, Unlocking the Chaos Gene, I discussed how I approached the Chaos Space Marine Codex but more importantly I talked about using as many unique units to the Codex that I could. From there I made several posts that went over each individual choice and discussed tactics about each of them. Each of these choices are hyper linked, in blue text, to their unit specific posts and a few others as well. Now I would like to discuss how I mutated them into a quality list that is still competitive despite being an old codex.

Uniqueness was the first stage of evolution for my Nurgle Chaos Space Marine Army. The next stage was to mutate that uniques by employing several strategies across the army as a whole that I could manipulate in their favour.


REDUNDANCY - If having one of something is good than have multiples of it must be even better. This statement rings true with 40k and some of you may have already heard Goatboy over at Bell of Lost Souls talking about this. I double up on as many units as I could and this is what I ended up with 2 x Daemon Princes, 3 x Plague Marines units, 2 x Lesser Daemons units and 2 x Obliterators units. By employing redundancy I am able to amplify the strengths of each unit. For example, 1 Daemon Prince can be handled with and dealt with fairly easily. Having 2 though forces your opponent to make a choice on which one to target. In the end it increase the chances of at least one of the Daemon Princes making it into close combat with the enemy; as this is where they will shine.

MECHANIZED - Mobility, mobility, mobility. By having a mobile army you are able to move your units to where they need to be and you are also able to protect them from enemy fire. Why walk when you you ride is my philosophy. This is rings even more true for troop choices as they are the scoring units and they are the ones who need to get to the objectives if you want to be in the winners circle.

OVERLOADING - If you can overload any aspect of your opponents army then you can start to force them to make choices. With each choices comes a chance for a them making a mistake. I chose to overload my opponents anti-tank weapons by having lots of vehicles, monstrous creatures, high toughness and low armour save units as I could. Both the previous two strategies, redundancy and mechanized contributed to this strategy. I have a total of 3 Monstrous Creatures, 3 Vehicles, 21 toughness 5 models and 4 models with 2+ armour saves. The best weapons to take each and every one of these units out is anti-tank weapons due to their high strength and low AP.

RESPONSIBILITY - This is hands down is one of the most important strategies and one that stands out amongst all the others. Cause of this I use this strategy in ever list that I make regardless of which codex the army is from. I stole each of the elements from my military experience and assigned each of my units under one of the following headings (by no means are you restricted to just these elements).

Assault - Units that will close with and destroy the enemy. For my Assault Element I decided that I would employ three of them, once again building off the redundancy strategy. The first two each comprise of a mechanized squad of Plague Marines and the third being my Daemon Princes running together as a tag team. The Plague Marines are also assigned a secondary responsibility of securing objectives while the Daemon Princes are assigned a secondary responsibility to steal enemy controlled objectives.

Fire Support - Units that will lay down a torrent of fire for the Assault element. For my Fire Support Element I once again double up and set up 3 separate teams. A Defiler for the first one and the second two each being that of a 2 man Obliterator squad. When deploying each of my Fire Base Elements I strive to interlock their arcs of fire so that they can provide mutual fire to each other. This allows me to focus my fire on a specific unit and dispose of it that much faster. The Obliterators can provide me all types of fire support whether its anti-tank, anti-horde, anti-MEQ (Marine Equivalent) and even anit-TEQ (Terminator Equivalent) My Defiler is also assigned a secondary Responsibility of

Reinforcements - Units that can fill in gaps in the battlefield and support other units at a moments notice. Like that of the previous two elements reinforcements also is builds off of the Redundancy strategy as I employ 3 units of them. The first two that are always there are my Lesser Daemons which are used primarily to reinforce my Plague Marines. They have a secondary Responsibility of that being to secure objectives if needed be. My third choice which is not always there is my lone Chosen Squad. The third units is my Greater Daemon who has the ability to turn any Aspiring Champion into a Monstrous Creature. His secondary role is simple to distract the enemy with his presence.

Vanguard - Units that will deploy ahead of the main force to disrupt the enemy deep within their own lines. My Vanguard Element is filled by my lone Chosen Chaos Space Marine squad, the Forsaken. They can fulfill this role in one of two ways, either by infiltration or by outflanking. With this squad being equipped with 5 plasma guns they have the ability to not only deal with both MEQ and TEQ targets effectively but also to target the weak points on armoured targets; rear armour. Their secondary role is steal objectives deep within the enemy territory.
As you can see each of these strategies overlaps with each other. This creates a cohesive army that is highly effective.  Of course this when the models hit the table and the dice start rolling the best laid plans can sometimes turn into a monstrosity of situation. On the fluff side of the house I employed as many units as possible with the number 7 being that of their squad size and or giving them the Mark of Nurgle. For the units that this could not be done to that is where some creative Nurgle modeling came into play. The Nurgle Forest Theme is seen throughout the entire army and quickly cast aside any doubters on whether or not this army serves the Father of Decay.

This entire process starting right from selecting unique units to that of your codex, to employing specific army wide strategies, to assigning each unit responsibilities can be done with any and all codices out there. I challenge each of you to mutate your army into a force to be reckon with and if you do please share it with us here at The Chaos Manifesto.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2 WIP it Wednesday #11: Chaos Spawn

"For fraction of second images flooded his mindless brain.  A warrior in blood red armour with oxidized brass trim dominated the vision.  His face was gaunt to the point that his skin appeared to have been like stretched over his skull.  Blistered lips stain with the gore of his own blood gave way to a row yellow stain teeth.  He sank his teeth deep into the flesh of his forearm and tore away a chunk of his own body.  He ate with delight as he relished the taste of his flesh and blood.  He could sense not only the raw power that the warrior possessed but the hunger he had for more of it.  His mind could not make sense of the images nor could it recognize that the warrior was his former self.  A century ago he had been blessed with the spirit of Windigo.  Despite being blessed with this gift his body could not handle the possession and was turned into a wither mass of flesh; a Chaos Spawn".
Spawn A & B
I am currently working on rebasing twelve Spawn of Chaos models for my upcoming Chaos Space Marine Army.  I was able to mass such a ridiculous amount of them thanks to Apocalypse where GW had released limited box sets of insanity.  One such product was the Tide of Spawn, which came with ten Spawn models and ten Chaos Space Marines.  A modellers dream thanks to the ridiculous amount of bits that came with it.  Not only was I able to build ten spawn but I had enough bits to convert my Betrayer's of Pain Nurgle CSM army, countless other models and still have enough plastic left over for future projects.  It is a shame that GW no longer produces this box set as I would whole heartily recommend that any hobbyist starting a CSM army to buy at least one of them.
Spawn C & D
In terms of painting these models over then next couple of months I plan on using the image above as a starting point.  The abundance of the colour red will help insure that the model represents both Khorne and its daemonic flesh.  However I also want to take the opportunity to experiment with new colour palettes and the GW's washes.  My goal is for each one to be unique in colour but affiliated with their former renegades, The Ravenous.
Spawn E & F
Fluff-wise these are the members of The Ravenous that were unable to sustain the gifts given to them by the Blood God.  Now they are mindless withering mass of spikes, tentacles, claws and flesh.  Nothing remains of their former glory.  If only they had of given more to Khorne...
Spawn G & H
Spawn I & J

Monday, July 18, 2011

0 Model Mondays #7: Grey Hunters

"They refuse to fight in close combat, preferring the range of their bolters?  That is fine then bring the eight of them before me and I will give them what they want then" demanded Wolf Lord Manitous to one of his Wolf Guard.

As soon as Manitous laid eyes on them he broke into a sprint towards them.  The bulk and weight of his ancient terminator armour did not even slow him down due the rage that was surging through his veins.  It fuelled his muscles with the blood that they demanded.  The first Grey Hunter did not even feel the bite of the Daemon Axe as it cleaved his head clean off his shoulders.  The second Grey Hunter stood their in shock and awe as the blood of his brethren washed over his face.  Before he formulate what had just taken place Manitous slammed his powerfist straight into the bridge of his nose causing his skull to cave in.  He died instantly.  The other six Grey Hunters fell to their knees and begged for their Lord's mercy.

"You dishonour not only yourself but the rest of this wolf pack with your cowardice actions" screamed Manitous as he paced back and forth in front of them.  Grasping the skull of a Grey Hunter with his powerfist he tilted his head up towards him and asked the pathetic fool "what would the Blood God want me to do with you?"  Before the wolf could answer Manitous flexed his fingers inwards causing the skull in his hand to exploded in a bloody mess.  "The rest of you will not be so lucky.  Strip the paint off your left shoulder and paint it black.  Every member of this pack will know of your shame and you will not be given the opportunity to redeem yourselves in close combat.  You can have your bolters but you will not have the the blessing of myself let alone the almighty Khorne."

This is my only squad in my army that is not represented with Khorne's scared number of eight.  The five members of this squad have their left shoulder pad painted black to represent their shame.  This easily allows me to tell what Grey Hunter squad they belong as the other two have that shoulder pad painted oxidized brass or blood red.  To further help set them apart from the other squads I modelled each of them with a battle axe.  Let's not forget the minor detail but distinguishing feature of my army; unique faces.  As the Mondays roll by you will begin to see that their are no two faces the same.
Game-wise this squads objective is to capture objectives in my back field while lending their Razorback to provide some fire support.  The squad is stripped down to the bare bones with the fact that they are the minimum squad size, lack a power weapons and have no wulfen.  I did allow the squad to keep their melta gun just incase opportunity comes knocking on their door.  Unfortunately though I did not have the points to give turn one of them into a Wulfen.  This sadden not only me but the blood god greatly.  
You might notice that their is a sixth member but that is actually the only Wolf Guard not in Terminator armour.  This is his punishment for shying away from close combat.  He joins the squad nine time out of ten but on occasion he goes alone in his Wolf Guard squad's Razorback. I will delve further into both him, his squad and the Razorback later in the month.  

Sunday, July 17, 2011

4 Sunday Best #3: Brave New World

"Community, Identity, Stability"
"Alpha children wear grey. They work much harder than we do, because they're so frightfully clever. I'm awfully glad I'm a Beta, because I don't work so hard. And then we are much better than the Gammas and Deltas. Gammas are stupid. They all wear green, and Delta children wear khaki. Oh no, I don't want to play with Delta children. And Epsilons are still worse. They're too stupid to be able to read or write. Besides they wear black, which is such a beastly color. I'm so glad I'm a Beta." - Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, Ch. 2.

The three authors of the blogs that I am featuring this week are without a doubt Alpha Children.  Jealous of the grey clothes that they wear and envious of their ability to work hard.  Each of them is braving a new world of their own but what is in store for us the readers:

Vitor has been immersed in the world of blogging for several years and has just recently started his own brave new blog.  He wandered eye opening blog worlds were he collecting countless hobby artifacts but never once left a single comment.  He thought the owners were indifferent to them till he started his own blog.  Now that he has a blog he knows that a comment is a force multiplier as it takes very little time to do but rewards the authors ten times more.  To help ensure that he receives comments he has employed an infamous Jokaero aka Space Monkey.

Ian is leaving the cold comforts of Fenris behind and is venturing into the xenos world of Tyranids.  He delves deep into the reasons why he started his army of giant bugs while attempting to engage the readers of his blog.  He probes them to share what armies they play and why they decided picked them up.  I was personally hoping that more of his followers would reply to the question he proposed but alas they all must have been Deltas.  Maybe he should look at hiring a Jokaero.

Without a doubt the two host of this podcast have done away with their red shirts (former GW employees) and are now jaded Alphas with grey shirts.  They have been hard at podcasting for several months now and trying to forge a new path in their wake.  For me this podcast is "New" and I imagine this rings true for bulk of you Betas.  With their advance minds and hard working attitudes one game system is just not enough to keep them occupied.  As such the podcast is split 50/50 between Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy.  What I enjoy about listening to these Alphas is that they keep the show to about an hour and stay on track for the most part.  Give them a try and you will not be disappointed.

The dangerous are high and numerous in the world of Blogging but with Alphas leading the way there is hope for us all.  As for me, a Beta, well I am off to a Brave New Province as I am moving from Alberta to British Columbia.  To be exact I am moving to Vancouver Island to a small town called Sooke which is 35km west of Victoria.  The perils of living here include hippies, earthquake insurance, seals and microbreweries.  I may disappear for a day or but fear not for I own two of those notorious space monkey and I am sure they will ensure this Betas survival.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

2 Saturday Shout Out #5: HOP Idol

That is right bloggers the HOTPanda has signed up to be the first House of Paincakes Idol.  For those you who don't know, the House of Paincakes is a blogging network that kicks butt and takes names.  Their contest kicks off on the July 21 and will handout two hefty prizes.  If I win, I would be given a premiere spot on their blog as an author and a dish at their paincake house.  The first prize being their weekly post is an awesome chance to reach out to a lager audience.  The dish at their dinner is what makes me scream in the warp.  I would have to go with HotPanda Paincakes.  Their is nothing better than having a fresh hot panda mixed in with some buttermilk, batter and some bamboo syrup on a Sunday morning.  MMMMMM I can already taste it, can you?  If not how about you check out the House of Paincakes for their debut contest, HOP Idol, and ensure that you vote for me.