Wednesday, June 15, 2011

1 WIP it Wednesday #6

It's the final countdown for my Renegade Space Wolves, known as The Ravenous.  Throughout the past six weeks I have been systematically painting the various layers and colours on my models.  I approach this project through the assembly line method of painting.  Yet at the same time I divided up my models into infantry squads and vehicles.  I set about my work by painting no more than two to three layers on a squad or vehicle.  Once that was complete I switched attention to different set of models.  This allowed me to not only keep my focus but the enjoyment that painting an army provides.  At no point though would I paint for more than fours straight.  The reasoning behind this was to allow my eyes to rest.  During this time I would play with my dogs, clean the house and or get some food into me. Essentially I would give my eyes a break and refuel my body.  Overall I have avoided burnout with this methodology.
I have a couple hurdles that I still need to get over but time is on my side at the moment as I feel that I am head of game.  The first obstacle is that I need to come up with a paint scheme for the abundance of furs that are on my models.  Right now I am leaning towards grey/white pelt but a dark brown is lingering in my mind.  The second one is that I am debating on painting my two Rune priest skin blue rather than red.  The reason for this is that Khorne is not found of psychic powers where Tzeentch would be.  This would make my Rune Priest stand out while tying them into my fluff a little easier.  Earlier in the week I through up a post on the background for The Ravenous (Background for the Ravenous found here) where I elude to them recently turning to Chaos.  At this point in time the Space Wolves in these renegades would still accept their Rune Priest or at worst tolerate them.  
Other than that I by end play tomorrow I should have all three of my HQ models, fur based bits, touch-ups and one new model that I will reveal at a later time.  As far I can see I should have this army painted the colour "Done" by this time next week.  Till then if you want you can check out the band Europe's hit video "It's the final countdown".

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  1. Dinosaurs with cool shades and a keyboard are the new black not 3++