Wednesday, June 8, 2011

4 WIP it Wednesday #5

That right a big thanks to all those who visit my blog and for those who dedicated to the cause.  Yes this blog is for me, a way to store my hobby history.  You the readers however provide me with the motivation to continue posting on a regular basis.  With that said I would like to see if I have stayed true to the Chaos Manifesto that I wrote 5 weeks ago:

01. Conduct 3 weekly post attacks against the Imperium - At this time I am publishing 3-4 post a week.

02. Spread the word tactics of Chaos across the galaxy - Debatable as I only have 19 dedicated readers at this time.  At same time I have kept the topic of my post inline with the Chaos Gods.

03. Share my battle reports for all others to learn from regardless of success being achieved or lost - Two battle reports over five weeks has this covered adequately.

04. Record the art of painting war with all followers of Chaos - Each Wednesday I through up my painting progress but at the same time I have to throw up any painting recipes.

05. Worship all aspects of Chaos to include Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh and Tzeentch equally - Here is my first failure as I have only talked about Nurgle and Khorne in depth.  I have only skimmed the surface of Slaanesh and Tzeentch.  I do have some plans for giving exposure to Tzeentch but Slaanesh will require a sacrifice or two.

06. Unite promote all followers of Chaos under one banner - This was my plan and still is.  Over time I hope to develop this blog into Chaos archive.

07. Kill! Maim! Burn! Kill! Maim! Burn! Kill! Maim! Burn!
Overall the ship is on course and it has not hit any unsuspecting icebergs.  I have room for improvements which is good thing as it prevents things from going stale.  This is a prime opportunity for you the readers to give me any suggestions that you have in terms of improvements.  Wether its formatting, post subjects, projects or even just more cowbell I am open to all of it.   
With that out of way lets have a look at what I have accomplished.  Each unit has the minimum three colours of them and are at least 50% complete to where I want to see them.  As it stands the oxidized brass is complete leaving me with the monstrous task of painting the colour red.  It took me two nights (6 hours) to apply the first of six layers on all my vehicle based models.  This means that if I get next week off from work I should have them done by the 22 June.  This would leave me an entire week to put the finishing touches on the army; basing, touch-ups and minor details.  So as it stands I should have the army completed by the end of the month.  Hmmm funny as I just signed up for a tournament on the first weekend of July.  Everything is going my way just as long as I can stay true to my goals.


  1. This is unreal!!! I was receiving an average of 30 hits a day on my blog prior to this post. For the last two days I have received over 400 hits. Not sure what is going on but you guys really now how to celebrate an occasion. Thank you for visiting and feel free to leave comments no matter what they are.

  2. You should change it to "unsuspecting icebergs" because nothing can stop the Chaos Warmachine.
    Except Abbadon's horrible leadership...

  3. How did you do this oxidized brass effect if I may ask?

  4. @ Skarvald - LOL

    @ Radical Edward - Unfortunately I cannot claim the rights to the oxidized brass. The man I got the recipe from is no other than Brian over at A Gentleman's Ones ( It's extremely easy to paint and fun as its a messy process that cleans it self up with each layer. Brian's tutorial is easy to follow and he explains everything along the way. Go check out his blog as he has tones of recipes up on his blog.