Wednesday, June 1, 2011

4 WIP it Wednesday #4

Last week I bit off more than I could chew when I vowed that I would have all of my vehicles 50% painted, boy was I wrong.  The problem I ran into was not the amount of models that I had to paint but the colour I had to paint.  By colour I simply mean the colour red.
It absolutely destroyed me and set me back one to two weeks of painting.  Red is one hell of a mean colour.  I can see how it is associated with rage and how rage in turn is with Khorne.  It's not that I cannot paint with red, it's being difficult in that it requires numerous thin layers.  Combine all of these layers with the surface area on Drop Pods, Razorback, a Vindicators, a Dreadnought and a Vindicator and I have one hell of time chewing it.  The recipe that I am using for red does not help with it having a six step process.  To help me get an idea of what I was in for I began painting just one of the Drop Pods as a test model.  I am 100% happy that I took made this decision as the process is pain staking slow.  I am currently on step two of six on the stabilizer fin portion and just finishing step one on the Ramp/Base portion.  It's just a matter time and it will all be done just like the corpse emperor and his imperium

The one thing that I did manage to get done was the majority of the oxidized brass area on my vehicles excluding the remaining four Drop pods.  This process is extremely easy in that the bulk of it is drying time due to having two separate washing out of the 6 steps that are required.  Add in two over-brush stages and you essentially have a colour that is extremely quick to paint.  I am using this colour to my armies advantage by applying it to my army's hierarchy.  The higher up in the unit is in the pecking order the more oxidized brass the model's armour will feature. Grey Hunters have about 50% brass on them while Logan Grimnar has 90% of his armour.  This philosophy is transferred over to each of the units vehicles.  A Grey Hunter Drop Pod will be predominately red where Grimnar's will be oxidized brass.
I plan on continuing to chew through the red pigments that I have shoved into my mouth.  Slowly but surely I will swallow what is left to paint in my Renegade Space Wolves army.  I can just start to make out the light at the end of the tunnel or is that a freight train coming straight at me?   If it is the light then there is hope as my favourite colour while soon be upon us.  Till the next WIP it Wednesday keep on chewing.


  1. I'm glad that I worked out how to do my yellow fairly quick as I had major issues with that for a while.

    The oxidized brass looks really good though!

  2. In the end this slow and methodical process should be well worth the effort. I just hope I can meet my 10 July 2011 deadline.

  3. I like this idea about hierarchy and the verdigris -very clever.

    And I completely agree. Red is a monster.

  4. I have yet to paint my counts as Logan Grimnar as I feel that the rest of the army needs to be 100% painted before I even dare to touch the model. The biggest reason is all the fetish addons that he is covered in. Fur to the 9s. My fear is that the fur is too much and steal the thunder from my hierarchy. Wait and see I guess.

    PS - Your "sloppy" approach with the verdigris is a real enjoyment to paint. I feel like a kid.