Sunday, June 26, 2011

3 Sunday Best #5:

I never did go about and define what Sunday Best post are suppose to be in fact I am not even sure if I know what it is suppose to be.  Looking over your shoulder and into the warp you will find that I have made four of such posts.  The topic are a mess of gore ranging from a WIP post to future hobby plans to army fluff.  Essentially anything that I need or want it to be.  I am just wondering though if I should direct my efforts into a focused idea rather than a chaotic one.

If Sunday Best was to conform to a mandiate it would be a week in review.  This would give an insight into the blogging side of the hobby rather than the traditional painting, modelling and fluff side of my hobby.  Throughout the week I bounce amongst the various communication networks in a hope to catch a morsel of information that can hold my attention.  I try to stay away from the big sites as they do not need the publicity and I find that they are generally composed of substance known as filler.  They are simply looking to keep traffic going throughout the day for their one real topic that is posted.  Essentially they push spam onto the masses.  It may draw in others but it turn it pushes me away from their site.  I may avoid these types of of blogs but I absolutely detest sites that post negative matter.  Gripes, groans and moans that only aim and pulling readers into the authors own misery.  These post have the foul stink of Nurgle all over them and aim to create a general hate for our own hobby. What I am looking for are topics that are guided by Slaanesh in that they invoke a plethora of emotions.  A post that promotes the hobby we all love by sparking our imaginations to leaving us in awe or pondering the thoughts that they have taken the time to write. They are hard to find but they are out there.
In the end I just want to promote the hobby in a positive light by sharing what I has caught my attention throughout the week. This would embrace the essence of such blog networks as From the Warp in that it would be promoting the achievements of others.  So brace yourself in the upcoming weeks for a more refine and energy directed Sunday Best as opposed to the random idealism that I have been mindless pushing.


  1. So true, so very very true. I look forward to seeing what you put out there next Sunday then. It better hold my attention =p

  2. The pressure is on and lets hope that I don't drop it.

  3. The pressure is already building as I just realized that this upcoming weekend is my 2 day tournament. Fear not though as I will post up my first Sunday Best via a scheduled post or late Sunday night. Hey maybe I will double up with two if there are some great post out their in the blog-a-sphere next Weekend.