Sunday, June 19, 2011

0 Sunday Best #4: The Hunger

The hunger inside burns a cold black hole straight into my gut.  It festers into a ball as I suppress the need to consume.  My stomach growls like a beast trapped in cage.  It paces back and forth waiting for the gate to be open.  My ability to concentrate at the task at hand becomes a test of my mental fortitude.  I know that the time will soon be upon us.  It is then that my skills will tested as I wage war in the name of Blood God, Khorne.
Two more weeks till my Khorne Space Wolves, The Ravenous, hit the table tops for "It Came From Out of the Basement" 1850 tournament.  Not sure if I can contain my hunger for rolling some dice in a fun but competitive atmosphere but it's been one hell of a time so far.  I still have a ton of little things to do but I am slowly chipping away at the list of things to do.  Yesterday I knocked off painting the headlights on my tanks, hair black, power weapons, rending claws, the skin on my Chooser of the Slain, and the skin on the two Rune Priest.  The headlights and hair were just a formality as I really wanted to tackle the power weapons and rending claws.  I made a bold decision that almost backfired against me.  You see I use my wife as a means to measure how my models look cause she will tell me straight up if it is visually appealing.  When I showed her the power weapons and rending claws she cocked her head to the side.  It was then that I explained what power weapons and rending claws were, while pointing out how few of them I had.  Instantly she smiled and said that not only do they make sense to be bold but they look great.  I had been struggling with power weapons for a while now especially on swords.  Not sure what it is but yesterday it just clicked and I was able to pull it off.  As you can see from the pictures I went with a bright blue for both of them.  I layered the blue up from a dark Necron Abyss to a bright Ice Blue.  When that was finished I hard coated the power weapons to give them a glass like appearance.  I applied this colour scheme to all my power weapons, wether they were power swords, powerfists, thunder hammers or chainfists. I left the Wolf Claws out though.  For them I went with blending dark red to a bright orange.  The reason being is that in my mind they are the ultimate weapon wield in my Renegade Wolf Pack; they are Blood Claws.  I feel that I pulled the effect off and accomplished the blending technique with moderate success.
Speaking of success I was able to paint lenses that are reflecting light.  I owe my success to the Painted Legions blog.  Here I found a beautiful step by step on how he paints lenses or gems.  He included pictures after each step to show you what he had painted and even told you what GW colours to use.  I have found a few other tutorials on his blog that I am going to have to try out in the near future.
Alas he has no tutorials on painting fur, which is the biggest obstacle in my path to success.  I find a couple that interest me but as I talked about in the comment box yesterday I am aiming to have the fur blend into the model.  I do not want it stealing the show and plan on integrating its colours in with the base colours.  By doing so I can help play down both the base and the fur while tying the base to the model quietly.  Unfortunately today is going to be a silent day for painting as I will be off gaming my local Rogue Trader, Thunder Ground Comics.  With only a couple hours to go before he opens his doors I might just be able to bang off a item or two on my list of things to paint.  Have a good one.

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