Saturday, June 11, 2011

6 Sunday Best #3: The Ravenous

The tournament that I have signed up for, "It Came From Out of the Basement", awards bonus points for writing a small piece of fluff about your army. In no way is it mandatory but its an easy way to get several free points that can make the difference in your final standings.  So without further ado I present:

The Ravenous: A Renegade Space Wolves Army

The Ravenous are gaunt to the point of emaciation and their desiccated skin is pulled tautly over their bones. With their bones pushing out against their skin, their complexion is stark and pale.  Their eyes are pushed back deep into their sockets. The Ravenous look like a gaunt skeleton recently disinterred from the grave. What lips they have are tattered and bloody, their armour unclean and they are suffering from suppurations of the flesh. The Ravenous give off a strange and eerie odor of decay and decomposition, of death and corruption. They smear their oxidized brass armour with the blood of their victims in homage to Blood God Khorne.

They are a devoted Blood Cult that is lead by Lord Manitous. Their goal is to become more beast than man, with their ultimate goal of becoming possessed by an ancient beast known as a Wendigo. Embracing their ancient Terra culture that believed if they were to could become possessed by the demonic spirit of a Wendigo they would become violent and obsessed with eating human flesh. The most frequent cause of transformation into a Wendigo was if a person had resorted to cannibalism, consuming the body of another in order to keep from starving to death during a time of extreme hardship or famine. It is said that they were lead down this path when their former Wolf Lord Bran Redmaw was forced to abandoned them due to a warp storm that had engulfed the planet their were fighting on.  It was during this time when they first resorted to cannibalism after their supplies ran out.  They are now entombed with the belief of becoming a Wendigo that they starve themselves for months at a time enduring the pain of hunger till the can contain it no more. At this point they launch small raids against anyone who is foolish enough to stray close to the eye of terror or against other Chaos factions if they are the only ones around. After the bloody battle is over they feast on the fallen, even their own.

They are identified by their oxidized brass and red armour. Their right should pad is used for their squad marking where the left is marked with an icon of Khorne. The command structure is identified through their higher percentage of oxidized brass.  Only a select few individuals with their ranks have the honour of wearing a helmet.  Specifically their Wolf Lord and his coveted Long Fangs who wear a wolf shaped helmet.  Tactics employed by The Ravenous are crude, straight forward and bloody affairs. Drop pod assaults, short-ranged firefights, and close combat are preferred so they can relish in the sight and feel of their enemy's blood.  They were last seen in the Fenris Sector where it is believed they are seeking retribution against their former Wolf Lord Bran Bloodmaw.


  1. Cool background. Cannibal space wolves would certainly frighten me!

    Also remember that marines can absorb some memories and such from creatures they eat - perhaps they make extensive use of such "intelligence" work, or that overuse of such expedients may have helped to lead them down their path...

  2. dam that is an interesting piece of info where did you come across that?

  3. It's on of their special organs, the Omophagea. You can find it in any of the articles about creating Space Marines, like in the codex. I'm sure that it has featured in some stories too, but can't name them off hand.

  4. It's perfect fluff to incorporate a coup for when they became traitors. It allows the linch pin of my Traitors to kill the Wolf Lord while retaining all of his memories/knowledge. Thanks for the fluff.

  5. Sure thing. I don't think it lets you know/remember everything, but it might be enough for your purposes. If nothing else, if you're a cannibalistic chaos traitor I'm sure it's very satisfying to eat your old boss.

  6. Love the fluff - I can see my Arctic Templars being tasked to hunt these aberrations down without mercy!

    Saw your post on our blog- Harley is off on study and im keeping the blog going with with my projects.

    You mentioned a blog exchange or even a spot light type thing- Id be happy to work on that - drop me a line click on my blogger profile for my email.