Sunday, June 5, 2011

2 Sunday Best #2: Special Operation Killzone

Amongst the ROT lies the experiments.
In the ROT lies a force of Corruption.
The ROT itself is a COMPANY.
A COMPANY of Traitors.

With my Renegade Space Wolves about to climax into a a fully painted army, featuring the colour "Done", I have begun thinking what my next project will be. Ancient ideas have been rotting inside my brain while new ones have barely had time to tantalize my taste buds. One thing is common amongst all them...A Chaos theme. The first idea that ran through my head was to utilize the Grey Knight codex to build a Knights of Tzeentch fellowship. Something about the idea is unsettling and does not sit well with me. The next idea is to move straight into painting my 2500 point Khorne CSM army. I fear that a lofty idea like that will have me walking a fine line between ambitious and burnout. This left me with the smallest of my ideas. Se7en little ideas to be exact.
The Se7en deadly sins. Truly a theme of this nature can inspire me to build small force to represent Chaos itself. Winding down this treacherous path I am driven mad in having to pick a codex to represent a force of this nature. Only two codices sparked my imagination; Daemons or Imperial Guard. In the end Imperial Guard won as I have been longing to build a Renegade Imperial Guard army, a la zombie, for a long time. What does Se7en have to do with this though? A theme that once again revolves around my favourite Chaos God, Nurgle. First off its his number and second it is a small number that would allow me to build a Special Operation Killzone team.

Each of the Se7en members will be a representation of one of the Se7en deadly sins. I feel that a project with this much depth will amuse Nurgle and my imagination to no ends. So without further ado here is my Special Operation Killzone team.

Veteran Sergeant: Hard to Kill, Resilient, Power Sword & Leader

Ogryn: Hard to Kill, Resilient

Scout Sentinel: Autocannon

Ratling Sniper = Hard to Kill, Resilient, Targeter and Crack Shot

Veteran #1: Hard to Kill, Resilient, Flamer

Despair (Sloth)
Veteran #2: Hard to Kill, Resilient, Plasmagun

Veteran #3: Hard to Kill, Resilient, Melta

As you can see I spent a lot of points on Optional Upgrades for the sole reason of adding to my theme. Each member, minus the Scout Sentinel has Feel no Pain (Hard to Kill) and plus 1 to their toughness (Resilient). These two upgrades allow them to better represent Nurgle and allowed me to restrict the size of my Special Operation Team. To further help me represent the team I plan on using the Chaos Renegade Forge World line. Specifically the Renegade Ogryn Berzerker and the Renegade Militia Command. This will allow me to model everything except the Scout Sentinel and the Ratling Sniper. Scout Sentinel will be simply that model wise with some conversion work while the Ratling Sniper will be represent with a converted Vampire Counts ghoul.

I am excited to get this project started. It translates into a carrot that I can use to inspire myself into finishing my Renegade Space Wolves Army. If everything goes to plan you should start to hear rumours of Nurgle Killteam on the prowl this July/August here at The Chaos Manifesto.


  1. Brilliant bit of inspiration. Glorious idea!

  2. It will be a nice small project that I can lavish to the 7's urr I mean the 9's. I will be following in the footsteps of Adam by building my own 2x2 themed battle board. The icing on the cake will be bringing it to Adepticon!!!