Saturday, June 25, 2011

3 Saturday Shout Out #3: Table Top War

A monstrous blog run by two monster gamers, Magilla Gorilla and Snake Eyes. Table Top War is this week's Saturday Shout Out. They describe their blog as two guys and their misadventures in the world of Table Top Gaming.  They originally started out as a Warhammer 40k dedicated blog but made the switch to an all encompassing gaming blog at the end of 2009.  They cover Warhammer 40k, Blood Bowl, Warmachine, Killzone and Malifaux.

I started following their Blog back when they made they widen their hobby spectrum in 2009 and they have been supporting my blog(s) ever since.  They still have a strong Warhammer 40k influence with Magillia Gorillia starting a Chaos Daemon army and Snake Eyes wading in with Grey Knights.  They have a little of something for everyone on their blog from video battle reports to product reviews to army list.

Over the past sixty days Tabel Top War has been pulling in a large amount of traffic for my blog and have been out performing From the Warp and House of Paincakes. I just wanted to show my appreciation for helping me and for running a top notch blog.  So head on over and check out Table Top War.


  1. Nice one, I subscribed to there youtube channel awhile ago, always enjoy there bat reps.

  2. Thanks for the shout out my friend, always glad to help a fellow gamer - especially one that went MIA on us for awhile.
    Glad to see you back and have been enjoying the blog.

  3. The thanks is for Table Top Games being there from the start to the reboot to now. Cheers and keep on blogging.