Saturday, June 18, 2011

2 Saturday Shout Out #2: Sons of Taurus

Sons of Taurus is this weeks Saturday Shout Out.  This blog is a bull in terms of its sheer power and brute strength. His mantra is "Build what you like. Play the game to have fun. Play the mission to win." This is right up my ally as I have grown older with the hobby I find myself striving to push the "fun" back into for those around me as they are seeking only the win. He is heavily involved in the online hobby with designing missions, to working with the "Codex Project" to supporting the Badab Project all in the name of just having a great time.

Sons of Taurus
has been providing me with free advertising on his blog by throwing my blog in his rolling blog list. He has been drawing in a huge crowd over here at the Chaos Manifesto and I just wanted to show my gratitude for spreading the daemonic words of the the Chaos Gods. If you want to be featured on Saturday Shout Out add me to your blog list and throw a comment up on my blog letting me know. Till then check out Sons of Taurus and remember his motto "Build what you like. Play the game to have fun. Play the mission to win" cause those are word to game by.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Any time I can be second to Brian I count that as a win!

    While I'm sure that a number of those clicks are me (why else add you to the rolls?) I'm glad that other folks are checking out the fine articles here too!

    I'm also glad that the mantra speaks to you. I think too many people sacrifice too much from one aspect of the hobby (ie building/painting what they like) in order to have a somewhat better performance in another part (ie winning games).

    Besides, the fun stuff may end up being good, or you may get good with it! Recently I've had people griping about how good Ogryn are. ;-)

  2. Glad you are enjoying the blog but there is no way you alone clicked my blog on your site 350 times during the month.

    PS too many people only care about winning and throw every other aspect of the hobby out the door. Such a shame.