Saturday, June 11, 2011

4 Saturday Shout Out #1: A Gentleman's Ones

One of my biggest childhood memories that lingers in my head is Saturday morning cartoons.  Waking up and parking myself in front of television to watch G.I.Joe, Johnny Quest, Transformers and countless others.  What is funny though is the imprint that ABC-TV has left bouncing around my head.  Specifically there nod to their sponsors with their "after these messages we'll be right back" collection.

Today that is what I want to do; give a nod to those who act as my sponsors.  Without them my blog would be lost in purgatory.  My sponsors are few but their reach is more tangible than bowl of Frosted Flakes.  Over the past three days my blog's average page view per day went from a meagre twenty to an astounding two hundred.  With blogger's stats feature I was able to track down this sudden surge of interest.  The first and biggest source it lead me to was A Gentleman's Ones:
"The seemingly haughty expression gentleman's ones refers to those crucial double-ones we have all rolled at some point in our gaming career in order to pass a morale test at the moment when everything else has gone horribly, horribly wrong. It is an ironic admission that one does not genuinely deserve to be on the table... but just might continue the fight anyway. huzzah.

In the spirit of this gentleman’s ones, I modestly hope to celebrate all of the minuscule, the quirky, and the statistically improbable aspects of this glorious hobby."

He has truly achieved his goal of celebrating the various aspects of the hobby with resounding success.  His biggest achievement in my mind has to be his involvement with Adepticon.  He created the most awe inspiring tables that I have every seen.  These table resulted in lasting memories for those lucky players that were able to play on them.  For me it, it spawn pure envy, which is currently the driving force behind my goal of attending the next Adepticon.  His tables have sparked a creative energy that is striving to create my own killzone team.  These tables though only scratch the surface of his blog. 

His blog is filled with snippets of information that any one involved in hobby could benefit from.  My favourite has to be his recipe area that is accessed via his labels.  Here I have used countless formulas to help me solidify various paint schemes.  Most notable is his Verdigris paint scheme that I am currently employing in my Renegade Space Wolf army.  Enough of me telling you about his blog how about you just go and check out his blog yourself.  Now Back to the Show.


  1. I really enjoy Brian's blog. It not only has nice painting recipes, but it also has great eye candy to look at

  2. Well I'll be... That's one to grow on.

    Thank you kindly.

  3. Your blog brings in more traffic than FTW and House of Paincakes combined. It is unreal. What is even more crazy is that three other blogs that have me in their blog list also bring in more hits than FTW or House of Paincakes. I just wanted to say thanks to all those who spread the word of Chaos. Cheers

  4. Yep, it's hard to give too many kudos to Brian and AGO.

    For big visibility, try to get BigRed over at Bell of Lost Souls to get you on the rolls there - they have tons of visits, which translates to a lot of hits on their rolls - I know I've found a number of places I now follow through there myself, and get a good bit of traffic from them.