Thursday, June 30, 2011

3 The Ravenous: Objective Markers

The Ravenous are driven by hatred and blood lust they seek to destroy those who abandoned them when they needed them most.  Restricted by their diminished supplies they seek an ancient statue to aid them in their revenge.  Originally sent to the planet that they were left for dead on, their mission was to destroy an idol infused with the blood of Khorne.  The idol is scattered under the ash covered planet in eight separate pieces.  Each piece mirror image of who the Blood God once was.  The Ravenous' Rune Priests believe that if one were drink the blood entombed in one of idols that one would be raised to Daemonhood in the name of Khorne.  Khorne left enough blood to create eight Daemon Princes of Khorne.  THe Ravenous believe that if one was to drink all of the blood that that one individual would be Khorne's equal; a God.  
The Ravenous have been only able to locate six of the eight pieces.  They speculate that Khorne himself has hidden two of the pieces somewhere in the galaxy.  Unsure where to start looking for the missing tow pieces they are content with gathering the six idols that they have found....
I stopped by my local game shop to pick up some supplies for a display board...that's right a display board for my Renegade Space Wolves.  Not only did I get the supplies I needed but I also walked out with some custom resin bases that were perfect for objective markers.  Unfortunately there was only six faces in the set as the rest were feet. My wife suggested that I paint the feet oxidized brass and the toes nails red.  There was no way I was going give the objective marker a pedicure let alone pant some ancient stinky feet..  Just ridiculous if you ask me.  I did paint each of the faces oxidized brass with reflective red eyes.  This colour scheme ties them in with the army while lending itself to the fluff above.  
I would love to write more about where I see the fluff going as I have several twist to further their story line but I need to get back to that display table. Smell ya later...


  1. Thanks Warflake for both checking out the post and the compliments. I am quite please with how the objective markers turned out. As for my display board well its as basic as it gets. I will throw a post of it up in the next couple days with my army on it.