Monday, June 27, 2011

2 Model Mondays #4: Land Speeder

"Land Speeders are light anti-gravity vehicles, serving as the primary reconnaissance, scouting, resupply and fast attack vehicles of the Imperial Space Marine Chapters. Land Speeders are based on STC data recovered in M31, and afterwards became widely produced and used throughout the Imperium. Land Speeders were also originally used by the Imperial Guard, but since then the plasma and anti-gravity technologies required to use them have become increasingly rare, and so only extremely resource rich planets or organizations such as Ryza or the Space Marines can afford to create them. As they were rediscovered after the Horus Heresy there are no Land Speeders in Chaos Space Marines "legions but several Renegade Chapters have gotten their hands on them".  On the battlefield, Land Speeders can be organized into squadrons of up to 3." (Lexicanum - Land Speeder).
 The Ravenous managed to keep several squadrons of Land Speeder, specifically the Tornado variant.  The majority of them are armed with Heavy Flamers-Multi-Meltas model built to hunt tanks and harass the enemy.  They do have the occasional Heavy Flamer-Heavy Bolter model which they use for mobile fire bases and harassing the enemy as well.  The Ravenous tend to use their Land Speeder vary aggressively despite them being a limited resource.  To them being bold favors the victory and as such the pilots push the limits of the vehicle to take their enemy by surprise.
This is my heavy bolter variant and it was only added as I needed to downsize my army for an upcoming tournament.  As such my Heavy-Flamer-Multi-Melta Variant was the next inline to get downsized after Njal Stormcaller.  I primarily will be using it to contest objectives and to help out with any hordes that I run into.  In terms of painting the model I stuck to my paint scheme of oxidized brass and red.  The base is that of a ash world and as such I have weather the vehicle with the Forge World powders.  Like the rest of my army the skin on the crew is painted a blue to create a strong striking contrast.  Overall I am very pleased with the results on the model despite having a few minor touch ups that need attending to.  WIth that said I really do need to get back to my painting as I have 4 days to get the rest of my army ready for the tournament.  


  1. Real nice Land Speeder man and good luck with getting your army finished.

  2. Cheers, as for getting the army finished shouldn't be a problem as I work halve days for Tuesday/Wednesday and Thursday off. Despite working friday I have plenty of time. If all goes according to plan I should be able to go to my local GW store to get some army pics on their tables thursday night.