Friday, June 17, 2011

6 Invasion Checklist

Wolf Guard Check. Grey Hunters Check. Razorbacks Check. Land Speeders Check. Rune Priest Meltas Check. Drop Pods Check. A reason...up coming tournament. I have all the tools ready and a reason but their are strings attached to that reason.  Each of those strings is tangled up amongst my Renegade Space Wolves army at this moment.  If I am to play in this torunament I have to be able to untangle the mess or just cut my way through them.  To hep me solve this I have put together a list of things to do:

01/ Paint hair black on each infantry model;
02/ Paint  headlights on all vehicles;
03/ Paint Wolfen claws blue;
04/ Paint wires/cables blue/green;
05/ Paint skin on seven faces;
06/ Paint further details on Vindicator;
07/ Paint Rune Priest; *started
08/ Paint Land Speeder; *started
09/ Paint fur brown;
10/ Paint cloaks;
11/ Paint Logan Grimnar counts as model; *started
12/ Base models; and
13/ Touch-ups.

This list will enable me to stay focus on the prize as I am currently finding all the minor details to be tedious and boring.  However its these minuet facets that will help pull the army together.  They are the glue that binds.  As you can see though I have quite a few thing to do but before I go I was wondering what you have on your hobby things to do list?


  1. Solid progress. You have really been burning through these models. Great stuff.

  2. Two weeks left with 13 things to do. Just killing me trying to find a decent fur tutorial though. Know any?

  3. You could always use the method posted on BoLS back in December-

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    I always thought it made for a very realistic polar bear pelt look.

    Good luck with your checklist!

  4. Cheers krisken for the links I will go check them out. As for my list wel I figure 4-5 items a day and I should be done by the end of the week. That is my goal at least. Tomorrow its hair, headlights and Wolfen claws. I will throw up some WIPs sometime today.

  5. For fur I generally would just do base color, wash or ink, and several layers of drybrushing since the texture of the fur will do a lot of the work for you.

  6. I would like the fur to not pop or draw away from the rest of the model. As such with the red in the model I am leaning towards a brown. I will be basing the models with an ash like sand and granite stones. With that in mind I think a dark grey almost charcoal like would really help to subdue the fur while tying the base into the model smoothly. Ahhhhhh what to do, what to do.