Tuesday, June 7, 2011

4 HELP ME!!! 2000pts must = 1850pts

My Renegade Space Wolves army was designed with the sheer intention of overcoming and fulfilling my envy of Space Marines having access to drop pods.  A drop pod army has always looked like fun to play and has captured my imagination for a long time.  My biggest problem though is that Chaos Space Marine do not have access to them or a variant of them.  However, much like many other gamers out, I will simple convert my Space Wolves as Renegades.  With this idea firmly planted in my head I was naturally drawn to a Khorne theme for the army. Through various conversion and minor bits I was able to dedicate my wolves to the Blood God.

Over the past month I have been posting WIPs each Wednesday on my progress in terms of painting for my Renegade Wolves.  As it stands I should have the army 100% painted in the colour DONE by the end of the month.  From the 2-3 July is a local tournament.  My first reaction was awesome I can show case all my hard work but then I saw the point size was 1850 points.  Now I cringe at this because the army I built was for 2000 points and there is little to no room in downsizing it by 150 points.

Below is my 2000 point Space Wolves Army:

275 = Logan Grimnar *Attached to LongFangs
245 = Njal StormCaller *Attached to LongFangs

150 = Dreadnaught: Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer & Drop Pod

295 = Wolf Guard Terminators x 5: Drop Pod
-WG1=Wolf Claws x 2, WG2=Wolf Claws x 2, WG3=Wolf Claws x 2, WG4=Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield, WG5: Heavy Flamer/ChainFist

169 = Wolf Guard Terminators x 3: RazorBack with TL Heavy Bolter
-WG1=Terminator Armour/Combi-Flamer/ChainFist * attached to Grey Hunters Squad 1
-WG2=Terminator Armour/Combi-Flamer/ChainFist * attached to Grey Hunters Squad 2
-WG3= Combi Flamer * attached to Long Fangs, by himself or to the Grey Hunters x 5 squad.

190 = Grey Hunters x 8 Squad 1: Wulfen with Melta, Power Weapon and Drop Pod
190 = Grey Hunters x 8 Squad 2: Wulfen with Melta, Power Weapon and Drop Pod
120= Grey Hunters x 5 Squad 3: Meltagun and a RazorBack with TL Heavy Bolter

Fast Attack
070 = Land Speeder: Heavy Flamer & Multi Melta

Heavy Support

175 = Long Fangs x 6: Multi Melta x5, Squad Leader & Drop Pod
120 = Vindicator: Siege Dozer


I have been staring at this list trying to figure out what is not needed but unfortunately each entry plays a significant roll.  The first idea I thought of was down grading Njal to a standard Rune Priest.  This leaves me 4 points over still so that means swapping out the 3rd Grey Hunter squads Meltagun for a Flamer.  If I am doing that then I want the Wolf Guard with the Combi-Flamer to have a Combi-Melta.  This solution gives me everything I have with only giving up a small amount.

If anyone has any other suggestion that are just minor tweaks I am all ears.  I am willing to build and paint one or two additional models but nothing more as time is of the essence.


  1. Your are fully to heavy in points in your HQ choices. Plus both HQ are to help the long Fang which bring that dream unit way to high in points cost. Njal is not fully needed and can be turn into a rune priest instead which will give you about the same feeling of play without having to repaint something. For what about Logan well you propably just want him for his special rules, so I wont take him out for ya but instead propose the following and give ya your -10 points that you require;

    "Give your tank hunter land speeder a heavy bolter instead of the multi-melta and turn him in an infantry hunter... you are already full in multi-melta in all your units to be scare of big stuff. Use your land speeder to cover your troops against large pack of cheap infantry that will slow your precious heavy troops in cannon fodder melee fights instead."

  2. Did not even think of that Kodiak. Thanks for a looking at the list and coming up with an alternative solution. Cheers.

  3. The 36" from the Heavy bolter and the land Speeder speed will give you fire access to about every corner on the table and keep you away from being fast easy kill. Youl simply need to use your Land Speeder to take easy harassment kill pot shot to reduce the number of enemy in a single unit coming toward your troops. Even 1 or 2 kills per units is enough to help your rushing troops win the assault.

    Then... if you see big pile of easy prey torch them out with your flamer in close kill before having one of your troops assaulting them.

    If people are shooting at your speeder from range they are not shooting at your advancing troops (Win/Win situation).

  4. The number one reason I included the landspeeder was for its ability to steal (contest) objects. The tank hunting or troop hunting is the bonus for me.