Monday, June 6, 2011

2 1850pts CSM vs Tau:

Battle Report: No Man's Land
"I want those five ancient relics of Terra at any cost, is that understood" boomed Daemon Prince Zulfiqar.

Daemon Prince Basit laugh at his brother's emotions.  "You don't think I understand the significants of them brother?  Remember it was me who found of their existence in the first place.  Save your rage for the Tau as it is they who have what you want.  We make planet fall in 7 minutes."

The Betrayer's of Pain had made planet fall and two Daemon Princes surveyed the desolate land. A burnt landscape savage by the recent war between Tau and the Imperium lay before them.  A no man's land stretched across in front of them.  Hills and small pockets of forest straddled both side of the open death trap.  Here amongst the torn battlefield was five pieces to a puzzle.   A puzzle that when put together formed a ancient relic of untold power.  Three where located on the west side and the two way off to the south east. Daemon Prince Basit had found out about their location several months ago and now they where about to take them.

The two Daemon Princes deployed their forces into a Spearhead formation.  They split the Betrayer's of Pain in half.  Each commanded a two man detachment of Obliterators and a Rhino filled with 7 Plague Marines.  Basit's element was to the east deployed behind a large hill that concealed their movement.  Zulfiqar deployed his Obliterators in a small forest at the the base of the hill with his Rhino and himself in behind it.  In between the two Princes their Defiler occupied the ground between the hill and the forest.
Across the battlefield a large Tau mechanized Spearhead patrolled the battlefield.  Basit spotted six Devil Fist, three Hammerheads and a Piranha.  The two dets of Obliterators and the Defiler fired simultaneously each at one of the Hammerheads.  The east Obliterators caused one to explode where the Defiler destroyed the rail cannon off the other.  The west obliterators under Zulfiqar failed to hit their target.  Despite being caught off guard the Tau skimmer formation quickly reorganized themselves and began returning fire.  The last functioning Hammerhead sent a rail cannon shot right into the core of the Defiler causing it to explode.

Basit scream at Zulfiqar over the CSM vox channel. "Dam you Zulfiqar!  That one is on you brother.  You better get a grip on those two oblits before I do.  I'm pushing my Rhino into the gap where the Defiler use to be.  Your's better be right behind mine."

"Don't you worry about my forces I have everything under control you fat gluttonous sloth of Daemon."

As Basit's Rhino pushed forward into the gap it popped smoke to help the forest and hill conceal the Betrayer's of Pain positions.  Seizing the opportunity both Daemon Princes summoned an entourage of seven daemonic trees, know as lesser storax, to accompany them.  Basit Obliterators once again open fired and smoke a Devilfish stone cold in its tracks where as Zulfiqar's once again failed to cause any damage to the last functioning Hammerhead.   Termicide Squad Polio deep struke in behind the three Devilfish on the Tau's eastern flank.  Their mission was to disrupt and sow fear into the Tau lines.  They opened up with their two combi-meltas and their heavy flamer which resulted in one times Devilfish being immobilized.  Forced to respond to the Terminators the Tau focus three of its' Devilfish at them.  The sear weight of fire caused one of the three Terminators to fall.  Deciding not to press their luck the Terminators decided to tactical retreat over the hill to their north. To the west the Tau pushed to the centre of the battle field where they now controlled no man's land.

A Tau Crisis suit commander in a fortified sun forge configuration dangerously deep struck into a perilous position that almost cost him his life.  From this position it was able to methodically kill Zulfiqar's Lesser Storax while threatening the Betrayer's of Pain's western flank.  Enraged at the audacity of the Crisis Suit Zulfiqar charged into Assault with him.  He lashed out with his claws at the Crisis Command but his attacks where absorbed by a pair of shield drones.

Meanwhile the Terminators continue to fall back as they were unable to regroup due to a Hammerhead that was pursuing them.  Seeing this Lord Basit commanded his Lesser Storax to stay where they were behind thill as he pushed head strong towards his Termicide squad.  Showing no regard for his own safety he ran out into the open where he immediately came under fire from several skimmers resulting in a serve wound the left side of his face.  Focused and determined he kept his goal of rallying the Terminators insight.  A squad of Chosen outflanked on the east side of the Tau to disrupt their eastern flank due to the Terminators failings at that task.  They rapid fired with five plasma rifles at the backside of the immobilized Devilfish destroying all of its weapons.  The two Rhinos broke out into the open where they positioned themselves to gain control of one of the relics.  East them Zulfiqar's obliterators once again failed to cause any damage against the functioning Hammerhead.

The Tau spearhead split into two distinct elements at this time.  One to deal with the Terminators and the Chosen on the eastern flank and one to continue threatening the bulk of the chaos army on the west flank.  The east element along with the last functioning hammer head systematically killed five of the six Chosen.  Just like the Terminators the last Chosen decided that he to had bitten off more than he could chew and embarked back into his Rhino so he too could tactically fallback.  A Tau Piranha took over the role of escorting the Terminators away from the battle from the Hammerhead with no rail cannon.  Turbo boosting straight at them at terminal velocity.  Basit threw his engorged pulse covered body straight into its path but was unable to sink his claws into it.  Having similar bad luck Zulfiqar saw a series of his blows skillfully parried by the Crisis Suit Commander and its remaining gun drone.  Shocked at the this turn of events he let out a scream.  This action of rage left him open and the Crisis Suit slipped in two wounding blows.  Zulfiqar's Lesser Storax charged in to support their Prince.  Together they managed to destroy the last shield drone and wound the Crisis suit commander twice.  Taking this as his cue to leave the Crisis Suit disengaged from close combat.

The two Rhinos pushed into the centre of no mans land parking in front of the relic.  Before the Plague Marines inside could deploy the last functioning Hammerhead immobilized one of them by blowing its tracks off.  The agile Crisis Suit Commander meanwhile attempted but failed to destroy the other Rhino.
Back to the east the Tau surround the Chosen's Rhino and immobilize it as well.
Both Plague Marine Squads pour out of their Rhinos as they move in to claim one of the five ancient relics.  Blazing away the southern most squad destroys the last functioning hammer head with their two melta-guns.  The explosion kills one of their squad members.  The southern squad of Plague Marines smoke a squad of dismounted Fire Warriors that were hiding in a crater that was their former Devilfish.  North of them the two squads of lesser storax each claim one of the ancient relics.

With the Piranha screaming past him and his coward terminators still running from it Basit decides to leave them to fate.  He quickly moves up on to the top of a hill where on all fours he begins to unearth the fourth ancient relic.  With his back turned to the Tau he quickly finds himself the subject of their weapons and is sent back into the warp.  Seeing Basit phase out into the warp the Terminators decided that their time here is done and flee from the battlefield.  Covering their escape Basit's Obliterators, the competent ones, immobilize the Piranha that was chasing them down.  This unfortunately allowed the Tau to secure two of the five relics.  The Betrayers of Pain decimated the Tau element to the west leaving only one Devilfish still a float.  With the sunsetting the skimmer attempted to join the Tau element to the east b driving straight over Daemon Prince Zulfiqar.  In a death defying act of glory Zulfiqar manages to dig his claws into the prow of the skimmer and smash its' nose into the ground.

With Basit gone Zulfiqar assume control of the Betrayer's Pain and quickly gather three of the five ancient relics of Terra.   "Betrayer's of Pain you fought well today but despite our victory our job is not done till I have the remaining two relics in my hands.  Lesser Daemons of Storax take these pieces of the puzzle back into the warp where you came from and give them to my brother Basit as a reminder of my success and his failure.  Tell him that I will join him once I have secured a hide for our forces to operate out of. "


  1. Great batrep. I really enjoyed the read.

  2. Cheers, sorry for the lack of actually photos but my buddy was play testing a new Tau Build and was using cardboard cut outs as devilfish.

    Worst and Best moment of the game was shooting first turn. My first oblits destroying 1 Hammerhead while the Defiler destroying a Rail Cannon on second Hammerhead. As I aimed my last two Oblits GUILT started over whelm me as I scored two hits on it. If I destoyed all three Hammerheads he had no long range or viable anti tank weapons. Thank god I failed to penetrate/glance it.