Thursday, June 30, 2011

3 The Ravenous: Objective Markers

The Ravenous are driven by hatred and blood lust they seek to destroy those who abandoned them when they needed them most.  Restricted by their diminished supplies they seek an ancient statue to aid them in their revenge.  Originally sent to the planet that they were left for dead on, their mission was to destroy an idol infused with the blood of Khorne.  The idol is scattered under the ash covered planet in eight separate pieces.  Each piece mirror image of who the Blood God once was.  The Ravenous' Rune Priests believe that if one were drink the blood entombed in one of idols that one would be raised to Daemonhood in the name of Khorne.  Khorne left enough blood to create eight Daemon Princes of Khorne.  THe Ravenous believe that if one was to drink all of the blood that that one individual would be Khorne's equal; a God.  
The Ravenous have been only able to locate six of the eight pieces.  They speculate that Khorne himself has hidden two of the pieces somewhere in the galaxy.  Unsure where to start looking for the missing tow pieces they are content with gathering the six idols that they have found....
I stopped by my local game shop to pick up some supplies for a display board...that's right a display board for my Renegade Space Wolves.  Not only did I get the supplies I needed but I also walked out with some custom resin bases that were perfect for objective markers.  Unfortunately there was only six faces in the set as the rest were feet. My wife suggested that I paint the feet oxidized brass and the toes nails red.  There was no way I was going give the objective marker a pedicure let alone pant some ancient stinky feet..  Just ridiculous if you ask me.  I did paint each of the faces oxidized brass with reflective red eyes.  This colour scheme ties them in with the army while lending itself to the fluff above.  
I would love to write more about where I see the fluff going as I have several twist to further their story line but I need to get back to that display table. Smell ya later...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

8 WIP it Wednesday #8

The Ravenous are glowing in the colour DONE as I write this post.  They radiate an awe and beauty that makes me their god father proud.  64 days is what it took to paint 1850 points which seems like an ironic as it is Khorne's favourite square number. Eight times Eight seems bitter sweet to me.  They deserve more than the few snap shots I have included in this post.  They should be on a battlefield where they can bask in all their glory.  To accomplish this I plan on taking my Khornite Wolves on baptism by fire at my local GW store.  Here I will be able to surround them in terrain that is deserving of their presence.  In return I will be able to provide the supporters of The Chaos Manifesto photos.  To wet your appetite here are some rough photos of the blood thirsty wolf pack, The Ravenous.

Sizing the army for a display board

Monday, June 27, 2011

2 Model Mondays #4: Land Speeder

"Land Speeders are light anti-gravity vehicles, serving as the primary reconnaissance, scouting, resupply and fast attack vehicles of the Imperial Space Marine Chapters. Land Speeders are based on STC data recovered in M31, and afterwards became widely produced and used throughout the Imperium. Land Speeders were also originally used by the Imperial Guard, but since then the plasma and anti-gravity technologies required to use them have become increasingly rare, and so only extremely resource rich planets or organizations such as Ryza or the Space Marines can afford to create them. As they were rediscovered after the Horus Heresy there are no Land Speeders in Chaos Space Marines "legions but several Renegade Chapters have gotten their hands on them".  On the battlefield, Land Speeders can be organized into squadrons of up to 3." (Lexicanum - Land Speeder).
 The Ravenous managed to keep several squadrons of Land Speeder, specifically the Tornado variant.  The majority of them are armed with Heavy Flamers-Multi-Meltas model built to hunt tanks and harass the enemy.  They do have the occasional Heavy Flamer-Heavy Bolter model which they use for mobile fire bases and harassing the enemy as well.  The Ravenous tend to use their Land Speeder vary aggressively despite them being a limited resource.  To them being bold favors the victory and as such the pilots push the limits of the vehicle to take their enemy by surprise.
This is my heavy bolter variant and it was only added as I needed to downsize my army for an upcoming tournament.  As such my Heavy-Flamer-Multi-Melta Variant was the next inline to get downsized after Njal Stormcaller.  I primarily will be using it to contest objectives and to help out with any hordes that I run into.  In terms of painting the model I stuck to my paint scheme of oxidized brass and red.  The base is that of a ash world and as such I have weather the vehicle with the Forge World powders.  Like the rest of my army the skin on the crew is painted a blue to create a strong striking contrast.  Overall I am very pleased with the results on the model despite having a few minor touch ups that need attending to.  WIth that said I really do need to get back to my painting as I have 4 days to get the rest of my army ready for the tournament.  

Sunday, June 26, 2011

3 Sunday Best #5:

I never did go about and define what Sunday Best post are suppose to be in fact I am not even sure if I know what it is suppose to be.  Looking over your shoulder and into the warp you will find that I have made four of such posts.  The topic are a mess of gore ranging from a WIP post to future hobby plans to army fluff.  Essentially anything that I need or want it to be.  I am just wondering though if I should direct my efforts into a focused idea rather than a chaotic one.

If Sunday Best was to conform to a mandiate it would be a week in review.  This would give an insight into the blogging side of the hobby rather than the traditional painting, modelling and fluff side of my hobby.  Throughout the week I bounce amongst the various communication networks in a hope to catch a morsel of information that can hold my attention.  I try to stay away from the big sites as they do not need the publicity and I find that they are generally composed of substance known as filler.  They are simply looking to keep traffic going throughout the day for their one real topic that is posted.  Essentially they push spam onto the masses.  It may draw in others but it turn it pushes me away from their site.  I may avoid these types of of blogs but I absolutely detest sites that post negative matter.  Gripes, groans and moans that only aim and pulling readers into the authors own misery.  These post have the foul stink of Nurgle all over them and aim to create a general hate for our own hobby. What I am looking for are topics that are guided by Slaanesh in that they invoke a plethora of emotions.  A post that promotes the hobby we all love by sparking our imaginations to leaving us in awe or pondering the thoughts that they have taken the time to write. They are hard to find but they are out there.
In the end I just want to promote the hobby in a positive light by sharing what I has caught my attention throughout the week. This would embrace the essence of such blog networks as From the Warp in that it would be promoting the achievements of others.  So brace yourself in the upcoming weeks for a more refine and energy directed Sunday Best as opposed to the random idealism that I have been mindless pushing.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

3 Saturday Shout Out #3: Table Top War

A monstrous blog run by two monster gamers, Magilla Gorilla and Snake Eyes. Table Top War is this week's Saturday Shout Out. They describe their blog as two guys and their misadventures in the world of Table Top Gaming.  They originally started out as a Warhammer 40k dedicated blog but made the switch to an all encompassing gaming blog at the end of 2009.  They cover Warhammer 40k, Blood Bowl, Warmachine, Killzone and Malifaux.

I started following their Blog back when they made they widen their hobby spectrum in 2009 and they have been supporting my blog(s) ever since.  They still have a strong Warhammer 40k influence with Magillia Gorillia starting a Chaos Daemon army and Snake Eyes wading in with Grey Knights.  They have a little of something for everyone on their blog from video battle reports to product reviews to army list.

Over the past sixty days Tabel Top War has been pulling in a large amount of traffic for my blog and have been out performing From the Warp and House of Paincakes. I just wanted to show my appreciation for helping me and for running a top notch blog.  So head on over and check out Table Top War.

Friday, June 24, 2011

0 Flashback Friday #5: Acting out the Assault Phase

Amongst the battle cries, the clashing of swords, the discharging of fire arms, bones crushing, blood spilling, wounds splattering, guts spilling, men dying....One can find themselves lost in the whirlwind of what is known as Close Combat. Do we as gamers lose sight of how close combat is played out once the sounds of the Assault Phase began to ring in our ears? In gaming terms what exactly are the rules of Close Combat? Lastly, how can one employee their squads on the battlefield to gain an advantage in Close Combat?

Close Combat is a bloody affair and one that can quickly cascade out of control. Do we as gamers lose sight of the rules at the mere thought of crushing our opponent in the Assault Phase? The sear excitement for some players at the taste of it can have them jumping ahead of themselves in a desperate attempt to roll the dice. I've seen time and time again at my local hobby shop where a player throws their army haphazardly at their opponent so they can get into Assault. When this happens models are simply piled in as fast as one can and sure enough sometimes the opposing player is caught up in the excitement as well. At this point, the Moving of Assault Models and the Defender Reaction Move is where the rules are thrown out the window in favor of a mindless blood bath.

What are the rules of Close Combat though and where can they be found? In the Big Rule Book (BRB) you can find them on Pg33 under, THE ASSAULT PHASE. It’s broken down into 3 acts:

Act 1: Move Assaulting Units

Act 2: Defenders React

Act 3: Resolve Close Combat

Act 3 is rarely ever played out incorrectly but the first two is where things go astray. Let’s have a better look into the Act 1 on Pg 34 of the BRB; Moving Assaulting Units. The first step is declaring all of your assaults which is straight forward. Then any units that are within assault range may engage in Close Combat with the designated unit by moving the closest model to the nearest enemy model. From here on out you can move any model in any order that you want.  There are a set of guide lines that we must follow though. These guide lines ensure that all models in the assaulting unit are kept in coherency, have engaged as many models as possible with as many assaulting models as you can. So what is this set of guide lines, well here it is:

1/ Coherency must be kept within the unit.

2/ When ever possible a model must be moved into base to base with any enemy model that is not in base cont with an assaulting model.

3/ If the model cannot get into base to base with an unengaged model it must move within 2" of another model in its unit that is in base contact with an enemy model.

4/ If that is not possible then stay in coherency as per step 1.

This is fairly straight forward so where does it go wrong? Step 2 is where it goes wrong. People just check if each model is in assault range and move them forward often ignoring enemy models that could be moved into base to base with. If the sequence is followed it will force you to spread you unit around more evenly with the enemy unit. The worst part is that if this mistake occurs than history repeats itself in Act 2; Defender React. When any unit gets assaulted it is allowed to move all of its models up to 6" (unaffected by terrain) in an attempt to get in the fight. This movement is bound by the same guidelines as Act 1 though. The only extra caveats is that the Defendering Unit is not slowed down by difficult terrain and cannot engage a unit that is not currently involved in the assault. So as you can see things can quickly start to be played wrong from the onset but what’s the big deal? The impact is that models that might not of been in the fight could of have been or perhaps the charge itself would of failed thus no Close Combat should of taken place.

You are probably wondering how following the guide lines for Moving Assaulting Models could result in a failed charged. On Pg36 in the BRB under Assaulting Through Cover you can find out how this could happen there. Essential if a single model in the Assaulting Unit must move through difficult terrain then the whole unit is effected by that slow poke. Rolling for difficult terrain can turn a 6" charge into a 1" and thus not being able to make it into close combat. DANG! That would be a bad jam for something like that to happen. Well as the defender you can create this advantage on the battlefield by positioning your units in your turn so that at least one model that might get assaulted is in cover. You are aiming to create the impression that your unit is not in cover. When your opponent assaults that unit and follows the Guides lines for Act 1 he might have an Assaulter that must move through difficult terrain to engage one of your models.  All of sudden his charge fails and he is left in the open for you to shoot and assault on your player turn. Even if he gets his assault off the difficult terrain can still affect him. One way is that not all of his model will make into the assault and thus be left out of the fight. Another way is that if that unit does not have assault grenades it will be striking last regardless of initiative. I set this tactic ever time I see Blood Letters on the table and boy does it pay off being able to cut them down before they can strike with their power weapons. 
So in the end it pays to know how to play out the Acts of the Assault phase. It can make or break unit’s performance whether you are the Assaulter or the Defender. So next time you hear your opponent’s Warrior's scream out their battle cries, stand steadfast, take a moment to breath and remember the motions of the Assault Phase.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

6 I ate my tastes like burning.

Just like Ralph Wiggum, "I ate my tastes like burning".  By this I mean I ate the white glue I was using to base my Renegade Space Wolves.  At least it did not "Taste like Grandma". Do not look at me that way or criticize me for it cause I know most of you have done the same thing.  For those who haven't I accomplished this by using a paint brush to apply the white glue.  I tried cleaning the glue off the bristle with my cup of water and a cloth but it was not very effective so I just ate the glue.  It tasted awful but it worked.  It took me around an hour to base all of my models including the dreadnought and the two Land Speeder.  I used one to two pieces of slate on each base then applied a custom sand mixture.  The bulk of it is comprised of the GW sand while the rest is divided between course and fine black stone.
While I was at it I also painted up a test base and I have to say that I am very happy with the outcome.  For it I started off by basing the sand Chaos Black followed by a highlight of Codex Grey.  Next I applied a second highlight by using Fortress Grey and then a server dry brush of Space Wolves Grey.  I plan on painting all the bases tomorrow thus leaving me Friday to Sunday to paint my two HQ slots and the Land Speeder.  If I am able to finish them then I will begin making three objective counters.
Of course this all could get side tracked by me eating all the white glue.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

5 WIP it Wednesday #7

The devil is in the details and that is where he wants my efforts to be focus this week.  From painting fur pelts to wires to touching up the mistakes he is there each and every time.  Guiding and watching over my paint brushes to ensure that The Ravenous are made in his image.  Slowly but surely I have been plugging away at these models to ensure that I will have a fully painted army so I can enter one last tournament before I move.  What a way to leave the scene and the only other way it could taste better would be to win the tournament or even just best sportsman or best painted.  The list is in no way ultra competitive but rather a punch to face for mechanized armies.  It's aim is to collect trophies through the destruction of vehicles.  Snap Crackle POP!!!  It can throw an opponent off his game plan from the start of the game forcing them to reevaluate their course of action.  I plan on taking my camera to the tournament in a hope to put together a narrative battle report or two while documenting the tournament itself.  Right now I do have a bit of a hiccup in that I do not get off work till 10:00am with the tournament starting at 09:30am.  I am going to bride a fellow employee to cover off my shift for an hour or two.  If all goes to plan I should be their when the dice first hit the table.  This also means that I will have to have my army fully painted two nights before the tournament.  No sweat despite their being a long list of things still do as detailed in yesterday's post.  The devil however is prodding me with his pitchfork and is demanding that I get back to work but here are a couple WIP shots of The Ravenous.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

3 Prepare for War - Live Free or Die

The Ravenous had their own revolution when they were left for dead by their former Wolf Lord, Bran Redmaw but how did they do it?  Just like the billboard above they started out by starving to death.  This awoke the primal beast within.  With the beast now present they were able to vote out those still loyal to Bran Redmaw with the blade of their swords.  Giving in to both the hunger and the beast they began eating those they had killed.  In essence they were preparing for a war by fuelling their hate.  For them they simple wanted to live free now or die.

Some of my models are starving for paint still and time is running out for them.  If I am unable to complete my list of things to do over the next two weeks I may have to eat them.  Mmmmm crunchy plastic goodness.  So lets have a look at my list to see how things are going:

01/ Paint hair black on each infantry model;

02/ Paint headlights on all vehicles;

03/ Paint Wolfen claws blue;

04/ Paint Lenses


05/ Paint skin on seven faces;


06/ Paint further details on Vindicator;

07/ Paint Rune Priest;
*80% Complete

08/ Paint Land Speeder;

09/ Paint fur brown;

10/ Paint cloaks;

11/ Paint Logan Grimnar counts as model;
*70% Complete

12/ Base models; and

13/ Touch-ups.
*Very last thing to do.

Hopefully by revisiting this list I will be able to stay focused.  Unfortunately I am back at work which means less time to paint.  I still should be able to log in 4-6 hours a night though which should be more than enough painting time.  I should get back to work but I ask that you all remember that 
"Live Free or Die" is not only the official motto of The Ravenous but the U.S. state of New Hampshire.

Monday, June 20, 2011

6 Model Mondays #3: 2 Daemon Princes, 1 Shadow

"An ancient and terrible creature rose from the underhive of Bastonbeil's capital and began to feed upon the souls of the living, devouring millions. The Death Falcons responded with their entire Chapter and battled the mindless zombies left by the creature, before hunting for the beast itself. It is not known what occurred in the dark depths of the underhive, but three months later, the Death Falcons were no more. Instead, the Betrayers of Pain emerged, wearing green armour that writhed with the faces of the damned. Storming the upper reaches of the hive, they overthrew the Imperial Commander, taking control of the planet.

Over the last nine hundred years, they have used the enslaved planet as their base, using it to launch bloody attacks against neighboring systems." During this time the swamp lands of Bastonbeil have slowly taken back what was theirs. The underhive is now overgrown with trees and the streets are filled with murky water's of the swamp lands. It is here that Daemon Prince Amir Basit and Amir Zulfiqar reside over the Company of the Shadow. They together were the "terrible creature" that rose from the underhive. They together were the ones who corrupted the Death Falcons and turned them over to their God, Father Nurgle. They together continue to plague the neighboring systems with their Nurgle dedicated Chaos Space Marines, Betrayers of Pain.

Daemon Prince AMIR BASIT 
(Arabic for "The one who enlarges")
Nurgle Daemon Prince AMIR ZULFIQAR 
(Arabic for "Cleaver of the Spine")

I painted both of the Daemon Princes over 3 years ago and they were part of the first army that I painted in the colour "Done".  They are far from perfect but in the eyes of Nurgle they are beautiful.  I learned a lot about painting and my skills as a painter while painting both of these models.  I absorbed a lot of information with regards to washes and dry brushing which I have still not mastered.  I like many others end up over brushing when I attempt to dry brush.  In the end I do not have the patience required for it but it will come with time.  Speaking of time I painted not only these two models but an entire 1850 points army in 60 days.  They are the crown of the army and as such I look back at them with found memories. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

0 Sunday Best #4: The Hunger

The hunger inside burns a cold black hole straight into my gut.  It festers into a ball as I suppress the need to consume.  My stomach growls like a beast trapped in cage.  It paces back and forth waiting for the gate to be open.  My ability to concentrate at the task at hand becomes a test of my mental fortitude.  I know that the time will soon be upon us.  It is then that my skills will tested as I wage war in the name of Blood God, Khorne.
Two more weeks till my Khorne Space Wolves, The Ravenous, hit the table tops for "It Came From Out of the Basement" 1850 tournament.  Not sure if I can contain my hunger for rolling some dice in a fun but competitive atmosphere but it's been one hell of a time so far.  I still have a ton of little things to do but I am slowly chipping away at the list of things to do.  Yesterday I knocked off painting the headlights on my tanks, hair black, power weapons, rending claws, the skin on my Chooser of the Slain, and the skin on the two Rune Priest.  The headlights and hair were just a formality as I really wanted to tackle the power weapons and rending claws.  I made a bold decision that almost backfired against me.  You see I use my wife as a means to measure how my models look cause she will tell me straight up if it is visually appealing.  When I showed her the power weapons and rending claws she cocked her head to the side.  It was then that I explained what power weapons and rending claws were, while pointing out how few of them I had.  Instantly she smiled and said that not only do they make sense to be bold but they look great.  I had been struggling with power weapons for a while now especially on swords.  Not sure what it is but yesterday it just clicked and I was able to pull it off.  As you can see from the pictures I went with a bright blue for both of them.  I layered the blue up from a dark Necron Abyss to a bright Ice Blue.  When that was finished I hard coated the power weapons to give them a glass like appearance.  I applied this colour scheme to all my power weapons, wether they were power swords, powerfists, thunder hammers or chainfists. I left the Wolf Claws out though.  For them I went with blending dark red to a bright orange.  The reason being is that in my mind they are the ultimate weapon wield in my Renegade Wolf Pack; they are Blood Claws.  I feel that I pulled the effect off and accomplished the blending technique with moderate success.
Speaking of success I was able to paint lenses that are reflecting light.  I owe my success to the Painted Legions blog.  Here I found a beautiful step by step on how he paints lenses or gems.  He included pictures after each step to show you what he had painted and even told you what GW colours to use.  I have found a few other tutorials on his blog that I am going to have to try out in the near future.
Alas he has no tutorials on painting fur, which is the biggest obstacle in my path to success.  I find a couple that interest me but as I talked about in the comment box yesterday I am aiming to have the fur blend into the model.  I do not want it stealing the show and plan on integrating its colours in with the base colours.  By doing so I can help play down both the base and the fur while tying the base to the model quietly.  Unfortunately today is going to be a silent day for painting as I will be off gaming my local Rogue Trader, Thunder Ground Comics.  With only a couple hours to go before he opens his doors I might just be able to bang off a item or two on my list of things to paint.  Have a good one.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

2 Saturday Shout Out #2: Sons of Taurus

Sons of Taurus is this weeks Saturday Shout Out.  This blog is a bull in terms of its sheer power and brute strength. His mantra is "Build what you like. Play the game to have fun. Play the mission to win." This is right up my ally as I have grown older with the hobby I find myself striving to push the "fun" back into for those around me as they are seeking only the win. He is heavily involved in the online hobby with designing missions, to working with the "Codex Project" to supporting the Badab Project all in the name of just having a great time.

Sons of Taurus
has been providing me with free advertising on his blog by throwing my blog in his rolling blog list. He has been drawing in a huge crowd over here at the Chaos Manifesto and I just wanted to show my gratitude for spreading the daemonic words of the the Chaos Gods. If you want to be featured on Saturday Shout Out add me to your blog list and throw a comment up on my blog letting me know. Till then check out Sons of Taurus and remember his motto "Build what you like. Play the game to have fun. Play the mission to win" cause those are word to game by.

Friday, June 17, 2011

6 Invasion Checklist

Wolf Guard Check. Grey Hunters Check. Razorbacks Check. Land Speeders Check. Rune Priest Meltas Check. Drop Pods Check. A reason...up coming tournament. I have all the tools ready and a reason but their are strings attached to that reason.  Each of those strings is tangled up amongst my Renegade Space Wolves army at this moment.  If I am to play in this torunament I have to be able to untangle the mess or just cut my way through them.  To hep me solve this I have put together a list of things to do:

01/ Paint hair black on each infantry model;
02/ Paint  headlights on all vehicles;
03/ Paint Wolfen claws blue;
04/ Paint wires/cables blue/green;
05/ Paint skin on seven faces;
06/ Paint further details on Vindicator;
07/ Paint Rune Priest; *started
08/ Paint Land Speeder; *started
09/ Paint fur brown;
10/ Paint cloaks;
11/ Paint Logan Grimnar counts as model; *started
12/ Base models; and
13/ Touch-ups.

This list will enable me to stay focus on the prize as I am currently finding all the minor details to be tedious and boring.  However its these minuet facets that will help pull the army together.  They are the glue that binds.  As you can see though I have quite a few thing to do but before I go I was wondering what you have on your hobby things to do list?

10 Flashback Friday #4: ZOMBIE IG

Betrayer's of Pain, a Nurgle dedicated Chaos Space Marine Renegade Force, have been linked to a recent outbreak of the Zombie Plague. Daemon Prince Zulfiqar and Daemon Prince Basit are believed to be spreading it via Nurgle's Rot. So far to date they have only infected an small Imperial Outpost just outside of the Eye of Terror. The Imperial Navy is moving towards the ground zero in an attempt to confine the Betrayer's of Pain to the planet they are currently on. The Ordo Malleus has linked Fabius Bile to the Zombie Plague.  It is believed that the Betrayer's of Pain have commissioned him to raise an undead army in their name. It is estimated that the Betrayer's of Pain have a company's worth of undead at their hands including vehicles to support their troops. Progress is slow though as the Inquistion has ordered the evacuation of the planet including all military forces. By not confronting the enemy they deny them the ability to raise more zombies.  This will also provide the Imperium with time, much need time.  With it they can gain a better understanding of what they are up against.

Company Commander and his 2 Sergeants
Vox Casters 
Flamer A 
Flamer B 
Melta A 
 Veteran A with 1 x Melta
Veteran B 
Veteran C 
Veteran D 
Veteran E 
There you have it folks some of my models from my Renegade IG army that I am building; Company of Rot.  I have some minor green stuff to do on the models themselves and a few small bits like knives, grenades, pouches and such to add to them still. I absolutely love this project as Imperial Guard is normally a sea of the same face over and over. However I feel I have made 30 individuals who are all unique with their own story. As usually its the conversion that have lured me to the Imperial Guard, well Renegade Imperial Guard but I also like the fact that it ties in with my CSM Nurgle Army, Betrayer's of Pain. Any how enough rambling from me.

PS - Who is your Favorite???

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

1 WIP it Wednesday #6

It's the final countdown for my Renegade Space Wolves, known as The Ravenous.  Throughout the past six weeks I have been systematically painting the various layers and colours on my models.  I approach this project through the assembly line method of painting.  Yet at the same time I divided up my models into infantry squads and vehicles.  I set about my work by painting no more than two to three layers on a squad or vehicle.  Once that was complete I switched attention to different set of models.  This allowed me to not only keep my focus but the enjoyment that painting an army provides.  At no point though would I paint for more than fours straight.  The reasoning behind this was to allow my eyes to rest.  During this time I would play with my dogs, clean the house and or get some food into me. Essentially I would give my eyes a break and refuel my body.  Overall I have avoided burnout with this methodology.
I have a couple hurdles that I still need to get over but time is on my side at the moment as I feel that I am head of game.  The first obstacle is that I need to come up with a paint scheme for the abundance of furs that are on my models.  Right now I am leaning towards grey/white pelt but a dark brown is lingering in my mind.  The second one is that I am debating on painting my two Rune priest skin blue rather than red.  The reason for this is that Khorne is not found of psychic powers where Tzeentch would be.  This would make my Rune Priest stand out while tying them into my fluff a little easier.  Earlier in the week I through up a post on the background for The Ravenous (Background for the Ravenous found here) where I elude to them recently turning to Chaos.  At this point in time the Space Wolves in these renegades would still accept their Rune Priest or at worst tolerate them.  
Other than that I by end play tomorrow I should have all three of my HQ models, fur based bits, touch-ups and one new model that I will reveal at a later time.  As far I can see I should have this army painted the colour "Done" by this time next week.  Till then if you want you can check out the band Europe's hit video "It's the final countdown".