Thursday, May 26, 2011

1 WIP it Wednesday #3

The past week of painting saw a significant slow down in production speed due to life itself and minor details.  By minor details I mean faces, hair, touchups and other diminutive features on my Renegade Space Wolves.  The details for me right now are slowing me down due to indecisiveness and lack of experience at said features.  The two biggest hurdles left are fur and cloth.  Not quite sure how I should approach these features.  On one side I would like to paint the fur white.  I not sold on this as I plan on introducing some Ferisan Wolves a later time.  I do not want them to have white fur.  With that said I am leaning towards a dark brown.  The few pieces of cloth on my Renegades Wolves will take its cue from the fur or will simply be painted black.
My Long Fangs have stalled out as I am unsure if I should actually paint their details or just leave them be.  I'm really enjoying how the red wolf helmets POP.  I feel that if I were to paint the flames or add any other colour to the details that I would cause the POP to fizzle out.
At the same time my 5 Grey Hunter strong squad and their Wolf Guard are begging for their red paint.  I refuse to listen to them though as I have not come up with how I can differentiate them between my other two squads.  Squad A has an oxidized brass shoulder pad and backpack.  While Squad B has a red shoulder pad and a red backpack.  Just not sure how to go about creating a third scheme with the same colours.
In terms of what colours did find their way on to my models you can clearly see that I settled in on my skin tones.  I know that the blue is quite powerful in terms of contrast and not to mention not a standard colour.  In the end though I really enjoy the effect especially the eyes.  I also primed my two Razorbacks, my Vindicator, my Land Speeder and my Dreadnought.  My plan is to get as many of these vehicles 50% painted by next Wednesday.  A change in models will go a long way for my longevity.

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  1. This post was just what I needed. It got me out of a slump right before I hit rock bottom. Tonight I ended up getting a great deal of paint on to my vehicles. Cheers to me.