Friday, May 13, 2011

0 WIP it Wednesday #1

Before the cream sits out to long, I have decided that I am going to WIP good, each and every Wednesday.  Exactly as the band Devo stated I am going to "Whip it, into shape, shape it up, get straight, go forward, move ahead, try to detect it, it's not to late, to whip it, whip it good".
Shining the spot light deep into my man cave, this segment will show case what my hands, eyes and chaotic imagination has gotten themselves into over the course of 7 days.  This should manifest itself into a series that focuses my efforts into both modelling and painting while providing you, the readers, a chance to study the dark arts that I am practicing. Over the last two weeks you would of found me working diligently an assembly line with the intention of slapping some paint on my Khorne dedicated Space Wolves.  The driving force behind this is to have the entire 2000pts worth of them 100% painted before I move this summer to a new province.  If I can achieve this, then it means the boyz at my local rouge trader and their Warboss "Roy" will get to see the end product of my sweat and blood.  I started this army just over a year ago and have been slowing enjoying the process of building them and playing with them despite not being painted.  I lavished the models with small but important conversions.  The biggest of them being that each model in the army except for a select few and by few I mean my Long Fangs, are individuals.  They are unique from each other as no two models are the same.  The way I achieved this was by ensuring that they each had their own face, in other words their own head.  This was no small task but by utilizing the CSM line and Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy model lineup I gather 38 one of kind heads.  It's hard to see this from the the various WIPs in this blog but my hope is that they will make my army stand apart once they are complete.
What you can notice from the WIPs is the development of my colour scheme and to that I owe Brian over at A Gentleman's Ones a galaxy of spilt blood. Through his hard work of applying paint to plastic and then plastic to blogging I was able to garnish my colour scheme from his recipes.  The WIP photos show various stages of his verdigris, the bright bluish-green encrustation formed on copper or brass by atmospheric oxidation, recipe on my traitor wolves. I chose to incorporate this colour as a way to push forth the idea that brass/bronze that is commonly seen on the worshippers of Khorne, has a story to tell through its age and wear.  As the month of may ages and wears to an end I should have enough paint on my models help bring out the diminutive conversions that help make my wolves what they are. Till then WIP it good, WIP real good.

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