Saturday, May 21, 2011

5 Sunday Best #1: Flash-paint

Click here for the preview to Flashdance the movie - LOL

It can cut you like a knife, if the gift becomes the fire
On a wire between will and what will be
She's a maniac, maniac on the floor
And she's dancing like she never danced before

The past couple weeks I feel like Jennifer Beals as I have been dancing the nights away with my paint brushes.  Instead of "dancing like she never danced before", I am painting like I have never before.  Not sure where the will to paint my models has come from but it's strength is turning into a desire.
My desire to paint models has never, not once been a driving force behind Warhammer 40k.  In fact it has been the one aspect in the hobby that I have loathed.  The biggest reason for my revulsion to painting is that I suffer from painter's regret.  Once the paint has dried I immediately start t think that I should repaint the model or in some cases an entire army.  Despite using test models that I full heartily fell in love with, I still end up wanting change.  Maybe I am just blessed by the great Fate Weaver himself; laughing and mocking me the whole time.
At the beginning of the May I set aside the time to start painting my Renegade Space Wolves.  The reason for this is that I am moving to another province in July and would like to showcase this army at my local gaming store.  This self impose dead line must have sparked the gift of painting as it has now become the fire.  Over the last two days alone I have flash-painted through over half my 2000 point Renegade Space Wolves army.  I do not see this relenting as this is a long weekend here in Canada and I have 3 days off.  Not to mention that I have the house to myself for the bulk of those three days as my wife regretfully has to work.
I do have some work myself ahead of me as I have two obstacles before me.  The first being how in the warp I am going to paint the skin on my Renegade Wolves.  This is a major issue as the defining feature of this army is that 33/40 models are not only helmet-less but each have a unique face (a different head bit for each model).  As you can see I need to have a solid paint scheme down for my skin tones in order for me to highlight this minor conversion.  The second obstacle is minor in nature as it is coming up with how I am going to base my models.  I originally wanted my Renegades to be treading their way through snow frozen planet.  I have been having second thoughts though due to the paint scheme that I have selected for my Khorne worshipping Space Wolves;  red and green.  With those two colours I fear the curse of Christmas Past.
Till next time I am a Maniac, Maniac and I just can't stop!!!


  1. Downloading the movie Flashdance as we speak. Everytime I hear the preview I linked above I laugh my ass off. Gotta love the 80's. LOL

  2. Hey Panda. Your post here reminds me that I hadn't responded yet to your question about skin tones. I haven't made much progress on the Ogres since the post you asked about. So that's all I have at the moment. Still, I will be happy to help if I am able.

    Your progress is amazing. You've been hard at work, for certain. I am digging the armor techniques that you are developing -very bold. It's a great look for a chaos army.

    Your skin tones here, by the way, also look really dramatic and evocative. I particularly like what you've done with the eyes. It's really arresting.

  3. @Brian - Thanks for the reply and for checking out the post. In terms of the armour techniques I borrow your verdigris recipe and tweaked your red one slightly as well. Thank you by the way.

    As for the skin I am still not 100% happy as I feel that the blue is too over powering. Around the eyes though I am very happy with as it gives the models a sick yet demented look to them. All I have done is:

    1/ Wash Baal Red
    2/ Paint pupil golden yellow
    3/ Glaze with Baal Red

  4. i love that oxidized bronze look. it really looks nice!

  5. Thanks Sabu and thanks for checking out the blog. I owe my success to Brian aka "agentlemansones" as it is his recipe. Check out his blog for a step by step tutorial via the link above in the post above