Tuesday, May 3, 2011

0 Armies on Parade

Before I dive head first into the blogging warp space that I call my hobby with core post that cover the various aspects of Chaos, I should go over the various armies that I am collecting at this time.

Betrayer's of Pain
A highly themed but competitive Chaos Space Marine tournament army that adhears to the fluff of a Nurgle based army while having a strong swamp theme.  I chose the theme over  competitiveness as included lesser daemons  in the army which many competitive players simple scoff at.   However without them their is no theme.  They are the unsong hero in my army and they surprisingly out perform themselves time and time again.  This army is still ongoing with various side project but has a core element of 1850 points which is painted to table top quality.

The Ravenous
A Chaos Space Marine army that is dedicated to both Khorne and improving my painting abilities.  I specifically chose lava bases to facilitate the blending challenge that I set out for myself. The armour itself I hope to paint ruins of daemonic faces on to them to give them that final touch. This army is in no way meant to be played but rather enjoyed from looking at it instead.  This army has 2500 points modelled but next to little in terms of paint.

Company of Rot
A side project that is dedicated to the zombie fan inside me.  Based off the Imperial Guard codex it acts as an extension of my Nurgle CSM Army.  Daemon Princes Amir Zulfiqar and Amir Basit are building their very own Nurgle devoted guard army.  Not your typical IG army though as they have employed the Self Appointed Inquisitor Lord Fabius Bile.  The Three of them through Bile's experimentation and the Daemon Princes Nurgle Rot Power are raising a Zombie Army. Can they be stopped???

Renegade Space Wolves
My current endeavour which explores the Space Wolf model line while bathing them in the blood of Khorne.  Incorporating the subtle theme uniqueness through minor conversions I have managed to create a sister company to The Ravenous.  2000 point core that is currently being painted at an furious but meticulous rate.

This small glimpse into my various armies hopefully sparks your imagination and tingles your taste buds on what is to come.

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