Tuesday, August 9, 2011

1 WIP it Wednesday #14: Khorne CSM

For The Ravenous to be a Chaos Space Marine is be at the bottom of the food chain. Low level initiates who are subject to the cruelties of the pack.  They walk every where and are forced to serve every other member in the pack.  They are denied the right to fight up in the front lines where the bloodshed is the thickest.  They provide the pack with close range fire support at best.  They bring up the rear of the pack where it is their job to secure objectives and collect the dead.  They eat last if the Wendigo deems the to even be worthy of flesh.  Often they are forced to scavenge, beg and steal.   If the pack cannot find Imperial flesh to feast upon they are used instead.  Essentially they are slaves and the majority of them die doing so.

Below are my sixteen Khorne marked Chaos Space Marines on their former basis.  Much like the rest of my army, The Ravenous, I have rebased them all with slate.  I added various possessed bits, spikes and the odd skull to help so their dedication to Khorne.  You notice that very few of them are wearing Khorne marked shoulder pads.  This is to represent that they are forced to scavenge and wear whatever armour they can find.  I plan on coming up with two distinct squad marking to help represent their dedication to Khorne.

Like the fluff above I use my CSM for fire support and for some much needed anti tank thanks to their melta guns.  Yes they are on foot but I made this army from the remnants of my Nurgle CSM army.  They are not meant to be competitive but rather a fluff based army.  I can however use the majority of them with my Space Wolves version of The Ravenous.  For the CSM they are a great model for Grey Hunters as they are kitted out with the same equipment.


CSM C, D & E

CSM F, G & H





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