Monday, June 13, 2011

4 Model Mondays #2: BigMek WurWasha

This post is half a Model Monday, half a Flashback Friday as I paint this model almost a year ago.  Even though I sold my Ork army I kept this model along with a fist full of boyz to keep him company. So without further ado I would liek to present Big Mek WurWasha.

If you build it he they will WAAGGHH!!! Bigmek WurWasha is just the Ork to build anything and that is why he is second in command in the KULT of MEK.  The Ork here in this kult not only have a fascination with mechanical objects but they have an even bigger fascination with the colour blue as.  A large proportion of the green skins have painted themselves in the colour blue for good luck.  WurWasha is one of those Orks who has taken blue to the extreme.  The boyz in the army appreciate this though as they believe that his Kustom Force Field is the luckiest one of them all.  Cause of this skewed sense of logic the Orks in The KULT of MEK will follow BigMek WurWasha no matter how grim the situation is or how bad the odds are stacked up against them. 

When it came to painting him my goal was to work on my layering techniques.  I started off with base layer of Necron Abyss, followed up by 1:1 mixture of Necron Abyss with Enchanting Blue.  From there I added the next shade of blue, ice in a 1:1 mixture with The Enchanting Blue.  Continuing with the same ratio I applied a final layer of Skull White and Ice Blue.  I love the effect even though it is extremely over powering.  To tone the blue down I introduce some orange on the metal parts of the model.  My only regret is that I should painted the Kustom Force with the same rusted paint scheme.  I think it would of created a stronger visual appeal.  At the time though I was experimenting with creating coloured metalics by mixing a small amount of colour with mithrel silver and a purple wash.  The effect is intriguing but unfortunately it is lost amongst the ocean blue.  Perhaps on a rainy day I will add some more rust to his Kustom Force Field.

I like to name all my Bigmeks with half their name being a tool or a fastener (bolts, nuts, nails and etc).  BigMek WurWasha is no different as the word washa, aka washer, is included in his name.  If you look closely at his Kustom Force Field you will notice that there is several washers hanging off of the cabling.  The prefix that I chose was selected from my imagination.  When I close my eyes and think of what a Kustom Force Field would sound like I hear a "Wurring" noise.

In the end this model like all my BigMeks (I own four of them) was a delight to paint.  Painting this model was like walking down memory lane as it reminded me that I have a third BigMek that is in need of a paint job.  This one is the extremely rare and illusive Mega Armoured BigMek.  In fact when I finished painting my Renegade Space Wolves I think I will paint him. 


  1. Nice paint job.
    As for the painters block/lack of desire, it will sort it self out. I believe the worse thing you could do would be to try and power through it.
    Enjoy the game and the hobby...

    ...that being said, I do like the model.

  2. I really dig the original and creative color scheme. Moreover, I enjoyed reading about the thought process behind the fluff of his name, etc. That's exactly the kind of stuff that pulls me through and sustains my interest.

  3. @magilla Gurilla - Glad that you enjoyed the model formost and thanks for the advice as well. I will keep it in mind. Cheers.

    @B.smoove - With so few models actual painted I feel that I owe myself and the models themselves something extra. The extra comes in the form of fluff. It pulls me into the model and shows that I am proud of it. Glad you enjoyed.

  4. BLUE! lol I know a few fanatics who enjoy the color!

    def a cool take on the mek, love the way the blue came out. But like you said its very loud, but hey...its an ork...he sopposed to be loud.