Monday, May 9, 2011

6 Model Mondays #1

Painting beautiful models is something we all wish we could do.  Regretfully the only models that most of us will ever paint are those in the Games Workshop line up and not the models that strut down the catwalk.  The pictures above are compliments of my Wife's favorite show, America's Next Top Model, which airs once a week. For my blog the first day of the week will attempt whenever possible to hold Model Mondays.

So with further ado I would like to present the first installment of Model Mondays by showcasing my very first model that I 100% finished.  GASP!!! Yes he is an Ork!!!  Like most of you I have a plastic crack problem and find it hard to stick to just Chaos models.  My Ork army is my first army for 40k and it also is the army that introduced me into kit bashing.  Big Mek GearGrot, as I call him, was made from a plethora of kits.  GearGrot is kitted out with a KFF which is represented through the Eldar command bitz that I found on an Apocalypse Command sprue.  The Power Klaw compliments of Ghazskull Thrakka and it also help represents his Cybork Body.  The Bosspole owes its linage to a Fantasy Ogre Tyrants gut plate.  The 'Eavy Armour is shown through the Fantasy Black Orc Iron skull. In case you are wondering the main body is that of a Fantasy Ogre Tyrant while a fair amount of the gubbings belong to a Ork Loota squad.

Fluff wise GearGrot is one of three BigMeks that presides over THE KULT OF MEQ which is hybrid Death Skull, Blood Axe clan. They pride themselves on being mechanized and owe a great deal of their victories to GearGrot himself.  Big Mek GearGrot has grown not only in reputation but in his sheer height and girth. Not one one to be pushed around GearGrot's Warbosses typically end up dead in some sort of bloody accident.

Painting wise you can see the lineage to that of the Death Skulls through the extensive use of the colour blue. Using the Blue as the main colour and a stepping off point the remain colours seen in the model, green, red and orange form a Rectangle (tetradic) colour scheme. The rectangle or tetradic colour scheme uses four colors that area arranged into two complementary pairs. This rich color scheme offers plenty of possibilities for variation and work best when you let one colour be dominant. At time I did not follow the final principle which places emphasis on the balance between warm and cool colors in your design. Simply following  a aspect of colour theory was enough of a challenge when I painted this model two years ago.  To be honest I have a hard time wrapping my head around the whole temperature side of things.  The one aspect of the model that falls short is the green in several places as appears to be flat in appearance. Of course this can be corrected with some help of an additional layer and a slathering from a wash. I am happy with the model though and do not plan to modify or change anything on it.

Back from vacation on Wednesday where I should be able to pump out my first instalment of WIP IT Wednesdays.


  1. Excelent job, both converting and in painting the model.
    I wouldnt be worried about the green being flat in appearance, that in itself gives balance to the model seein as how bright alot of it is.
    The contrast in that regard helps keep some sense of balance.
    What was your method for painting the blue? Lots of layered highlights?
    Also, can you recommend any resources on tetradic colour schemes, as i havent heard the term before...

  2. Great kit bash! I really like that you've expanded the horizons a bit with both WHFB bits, and scavanged Eldar bits. I think you're the first person I've ever seen to have considered that Orks might pillage more than just imperial technology. Brilliant.

    Also, the schedule for your posts is a great idea. A similar theory has helped my own posts tremendously.

    Excellent work.

  3. @ Mephistopheles - In terms of painting the blue I simply did a series of layers to create the effect. The goal of it was to make it look like the BigMek painted the blue on to himself. If my memory recalls correctly I used Necron Abyss, Enchanting Blue, Ice Blue and Skull White. Essentially I mixed each colour with the previous one before doing a layer of its own. Its been two years since I painted this model sorry I could not be more helpfully. In terms of colour theory I tend to just pick a random website but I do find myself going to this one more than the others:

    For some other info on Colour Theory check out BSMoove's blog as he just finished a post on it the other day.

    @ BSMoove - To be honest I noticed that you were using a schedule and after thinking long and hard about it I thought that I could benefit from it. The Eldar bits just see to make a perfect sense for his Kustom Force Field as it provided him with both antenna and a hand controller for it.

  4. The Independent CharactersMay 15, 2010 at 8:07 PM

    What in the Sam Hainn!?

    When did all those orks show up in your collection?

    Man that guy looks fantastic!

  5. Shhhh...I will let you in on a secret...Orks were my first army that I actually collected. On the verge of selling them though to make room for new armies. Having 5000pts of Orks is insane. They make such a mess.

  6. A welcome first addition to the contest man.
    Love it.