Friday, May 6, 2011

6 Shadow of the Blood Moon

Going to be away for bit but I have schedule a few post for everyone enjoyment.

Betrayer's of Pain vs Faculty of the Dark Arts
A 2000pt Battle Report

Both armies watched the the ascension of the blood moon rise over the the battlefield as they realized what was at stake. It was not about securing the Imperial weapons caches that were scatter around the battlefield but rather about who could appease their Gods. Tied to the Chaos Alter was a scantily clad female salve. She was the true objective and both armiesk new that this is where the glory of the battle would be found. What God would she be sacrificed to? Was it going to be The Faculty of the Dark Arts spilling her blood in the name of Khorne and Slaanesh or was Betrayer's of Pain going to watch her suffer a slow death for the Father of Decay, Nurgle.

The Faculty of Dark Arts had recently broken off from Betrayer's of Pain in favor of worshipping new gods.  With the rise of the blood moon they saw it as a sign that they could strike a blow against Nurgle by stealing that female slave that he cherish so much. The trees though were the ears of Betrayer's of Pain and had caught wind of what the Faculty was planning.  Moving under the cover of the night Betrayer's of Pain set up an ambush around the Alter of Chaos. Using Nurgle's artifact the female slave, as bait they waited for The Faculty of the Dark Arts expose themselves. The trap was set.

A salvo of shots streaks across the battlefield and a large explosion filled the night sky with a ball of fire. The Faculty of the Dark Arts just lost its Defiler. Their Vindicator retaliated with a blast of its own at where the salvo of shots originated from; the top story of a shadowy set of ruins. It's round found it mark and instantly killed one of two Obliterators hiding amongst the shadows. Chunks of the the ruins rained down onto Betrayer's of Pain's two Rhinos which were slowly lurching towards the center of the battle field were the Alter of Chaos was located. The Faculty of the Dark Arts responded by having two of their Rhinos being Spearhead by a Vindicator surge in towards the alter on their east flank. While on their west flank the positioned a Land Raider a Rhino towards the alter as well.

A squad of Plague Marine unloaded from their rhino so that their two melta guns could tear a hole into the thermal coil of the Vindicator. This resulted in it exploding to pieces. Meanwhile a small but elite squad of Chosen, or as the Betrayer's of Pain referred to then "The Forsaken", had outflanked the two Rhinos and that were beside the now destroyed Vindicator in the east. Their five Plasma Gun fill the air with noxious gases as they rapid fired into the back of a rhino. Once again the darkness of the night was interrupted with a fiery explosion. The Rhinos fuel tank had been hit causing it to explode into pieces. A squad of Berzerkers emerged from the crater where their Rhino had previous been. The explosion simple never happened in their minds. They let loose a hail of bullets from their pistols and killed 4 of the 6 Forsaken. The Berzerkers were simply to fast for them and the remaining two fell before they could even draw their chain swords. Howling in pain as he swooped down on to the Berzerkers was Daemon Prince Amir Basit, One of the two Generals of Betrayer's of Pain. Pulsating wounds oozed out from his skin as his claws reached out for the Skulls of The Berzerkers, crushing them slowly one by one.

Enraged from the loss of his prized Berzerkers the Khorne Terminator Lord of the Faculty of the Dark Arts emerged from his Landraider. Accompanied by his entourage of blood thirsty Khorne Terminators they found themselves revealing with the mere thought of spilling some blood for Khorne. They unleashed their angry against a dismounted squad of Plague Marines and were making quick work of their bloated bodies. The air began to ripple and twist as each Plague Marine was killed.  The warp began to tear the air itself apart as if it was jealous of the blood being spilt. The warp began to possessed the trees that surrounded the alter and the air was filled with the Laughter of Papa Nurgle. Tearing their roots out from the ground the trees twisted and mutated in the name of Nurgle. When all was said and done two squads of Lesser Daemons of "Storax" and a Greater Daemon of "Storax" emerged. They quickly moved in for the kill against the Khorne Lord. Swinging the battle back into the favor of Nurgle the Dryads slowly but surely overwhelmed Terminators including the Lord himself. The Greater Tree Daemon and a what was left of the Dryads began to climb the alter. Lashing out with its twisted branches on the Facility's Land Raider, The Greater Daemon with the help of an Obliterator quickly turned it into a burning wreck.

Every where you looked the ground around the Alter of Chaos was pooling with the blood of both sides. It was all becoming a blur or steal and flesh. The Faculty's Sorcerer of Slaanesh fell, then their only Obliterator, a squad of Chaos Space Marines, and another squad of Chaos Space Marines. It just began to cascade out of control. Time stood still though when the Greater "Tree" Daemon slain the last warrior of The Faculty of the Dark arts on the Alter. There was nothing left to kill but the female slave. She had witness it all though through her own eyes. Her mind had ripped into fragments as she was forced to endure the battle before her. She had already died inside and now she was merely a cocoon now. Their had been enough killing tonight and she was to be spared. Here husk of a body would be turned into a casing for a viral bomb. She would become the delivery agent for a Zombie Plague... Betrayer's of Pain had not only emerge victorious but they would soon be bathing in the pain and suffering of billions.


  1. Great write up. I like the narrative (as opposed to analytical) style of the writing here, and I'd like to have ea go at that sometime myself.
    Nice one.

    Also, glad to hear that you got to roll the dice once more.

  2. I find it hard to read a play by play of battle report myself. This style offers me the ability to cover the highlights of the battle and tell a story at the same time.

    Its been a great 24hrs as my Khorne FW shoulder pads and various other bitz arrived in the mail today. Now I can order more. WHAHAHAHA!!!

  3. Nice report sir- very fluffy in your rotten, rotten way. And do you have any armies that are NOT chaos?

  4. @Max - Glad you enjoyed the Battle Report. The Faculty of the Dark Arts is my friends army. We do not get to game that often against each other but when we do its pure enjoyment. Nothing like Chaos vs Chaos and both armies being fully painted.

    The thing is though that I do not play Imperium armies, straight up that is. Yes I have Space Wolves and an IG army but they both have turn on that Imperium in favor of a new God. I do have one other army that I have not talked about yet with them being ORKS!!! Not sure where me and the Ork Cult stand at this time as I may sell off all 5000pts of the to a friend.

  5. The Independent CharactersMay 15, 2010 at 8:06 PM

    I definatley liked the way this was written Panda! I also don't like blow by blow written battle reports. This kept is highly entertaining!

  6. Cheers EPIC EMPIRES GAMING - It's a bit harder when doing it for my CSM armies where as with my Orks it flows naturally.