Thursday, August 11, 2011

9 Flashback Friday #12: Raptors of Nurgle

Imperial Transmission
Date: 41.1034m
Source: Death Falcon Sgt Aelsio
Location: Bastonbeil

Flies, they were every where. Swarms of them would appear out of now where then disappear just as fast. All we knew was that we were getting closer to where the Zombie Plague was originating from. 60% casualties against the platoon. We had to destroy the gene seed from the fallen as the company had no more Apothecaries. We simply could not let the corrupt followers of Nurgle get their hands on it. We would rather end our linage then become the monstrosities that so many of our fallen brethren had devolved into.

On the 7th day of the patrol the fly swarms blocked out all sunlight and that is when we encountered them. The swarms of flies descended down upon us and that is when we came under attack. They target those who possessed flamer based weapons first. The buzzing drowned out our acoustics. The flies where so thick that we never stood a chance. I blacked out within a matter of seconds.

I lay here badly wouded as the flies laid their eggs in my wounds. Some of the maggots had already begun to hatch. I fear the worst for my gene seed as it has been corrupted by the taint of Nurgle. My only is hope is warning to rest of the Death Falcon Chapter....burn the them all...burn the entire plant to the is our only hope...

The Black Flies as I call my Nurgle Raptors were an absolute blast to model. I classify them under my PALUSTRIS PROJECT which is head up by my Nurgle Sorcerer Wahid. Right now though I would like to go over the kit bashing aspect of them. I was able to build them thanks to having purchased a tide of spawn box set when Apocalypse came out. Combine that with one other box of Spawn and that gave me the ability to build six of these monstrosities. I know I am missing 1 of them and I am debating if I should build the seventh member or if I should build a 3rd Daemon Prince instead to act as the last member. Only time will will tell, but for now it will have wait. 
My goal when building them was to make them resemble the image of fly. With flies having 6 limbs I added a third set to mine via some talons. These give them a more insect like looks which goes a long way when combine with some of the other features. The most notably bit has to their heads. This was the ultimate bit and the inspiration for the project. When I saw this bit it told me that "if you built it, they will come". The next notable bit is the wings. Yes at this time they lack the membrane but I am on the hut for some plastic like martial that I could use. I am hopping for something fairly rigid and white or green in colour. A smaller detail but one of note is the hair like spikes on the back of their legs. The thought behind this was that most insects, including flies, have hairs on their legs that resemble this. The champion a powerfist or power weapon that is represent through a Chaos Possessed Space Marine bit. He also has a Nurgle icon on his back. Not sure on this bit at this time but for it is there to stay. 
One aspect of the models that I do not care for is their static like positions. That is something that can be changed though.  I saw some great dynamic positions over at the Gentleman's Ones where Brian turned his Chaos Sorcerer to life.  It has inspired me to reposition and rebase these six models.  Recently I just rebased an entire 2500 points army so I think I can handle a small handful of models. Once again like most of my Nurgle models I cannot wait to start painting these. Till next Flashback Friday I hope to see all of your rotting in hell.


  1. First let me say that these are incredible -just absolutely inspiring, very imaginative, very creative. This is a kit bash for the ages.

    And Nurgle no less. Love it.

    Thank you, also, for the kind words. I really appreciate it.

  2. @ BSMOOVE - First off thanks for the kind words. Second, this is what being part of From the Warp is all about. Your blog is an inspiration for me especially when it comes painting and fluff. It was the least I could do.

    Now if only I could make a giant fly that could be a fill in for winged Daemon Prince...Hmmm I wonder what kits I could kit-bash.

  3. I really like these models. The use of the chaos spawn bits on the marine is great - they're well positioned and communicate the idea you are going for very well indeed! Good job sir!

  4. Very creative dude, love the heads especially...nurgle will be proud.

    Im really looking foward to seeing how you paint them up.

    How many of these guys u plan on making anyway?

  5. @ JABBERJABBER - Chears!!! The best thing any Chaos Space Marine Player can do when they start out is to get their grimmy hands on a tide of spawn box. SO many bitz to help represent mutations and the corruption of the warp.

    @ CanolliCrusader - I have made 6 of them at this time. Right now I am debating if I should make a 7th or if the 7th member should be represented by a new daemon prince.

  6. Very creative Raptors you have there can't wait to see them fully painted.

  7. I want to paint them like the fly I used in the post; green body, red eyes and some black throughout. Bold vibrant colours though.

  8. Nicely done, sir!
    Flies + Nurgle Raptors are a perfect match!

  9. When I saw the fly head on the Spawn sprue it immediately caused a buzzing in my ear to make some raptors. It was love at first sight.