Friday, July 8, 2011

10 Flashback Friday #7: Obliterators for the Stew

"The symbiotic relationship between the swamp of Bastionbeil and Company of the Shadow lured the four them thousands of moons ago. The Obliterators saw the potential that they could gain by forging a bond with both the swamp and Company of the Shadow. The fungus did not care that they were mercenaries as it began to fuse with them immediately. The spores of the fungus germinated in the cracks and joints of their armour. Their skin twisted and warp with its energy. Their limb distorted and cracked with its guidance. They were his now, they were Nurgle now..."

Obliterators are a unique unit that can only be found in the Chaos Space Marine Codex and as such I latched on them immediately just like the swamp did to them. The flexibility of being able to chose between their various weapon platforms its unreal. This ability allows them to adapt to both the situation and the target. A rare ability and a powerful one in the universe of 40k. I myself took two units of two so that I could benefit from the duplicity of having multiple units of them. This enables me to deal with more targets and targets that consist of multiple models. If its a horde of Orks it's twin linked flamers and plasma cannons. If it's a Landraider then out comes the multi-meltas and meltas. A squad of Terminators in close, then I am rapid firing its twin linked plasma guns. As you can see a they are worth their weight in gold.

I have learned a great deal from the vast knowledge that my four Obliterators possess. The following is what they have taught me: 

Desperation = That is what deep striking is for an Obliterator. The more time your Obliterator spends off the table the less time it has for killing targets. Deploy them from the get go, thus allowing them to get to work immediately.

Digging In = Even though they have an armour save of 2+ and invulnerable save of 5+ you should be deploying them into the best piece of cover available to them. Heavy weapons with high strength and low AP are the most effective weapons at taking Obliterators down. A 4+ cover save just improved their odds of surviving that lascannon hit. If a 3+ cover save is suitable for them you are laughing.

Target Priority = With the ability to chose their weapon platform they are able to engage a wide variety of targets. Cause of this you need to know where to focus their fire each and every turn. You need to be able to analyze where they are needed the most needed. Gunslingers = First and foremost Obliterators are gunslingers and should be firing every chance they get. Do not let their powerfist twist you into thinking they are close combat monsters.

Mutual Support = Try to deploy your Obliterators in a fashion that gives them interlocking arcs of fire with other units. This will allow you focus both units fire where their arcs overlap. This works exceptionally well with multiple units of Obliterators.

I'm not Slow, I'm just Heavy = Being able to move and fire a heavy weapon on the move is a rare ability even if the model is subject to the "Slow and Purposeful"universal rule. The trade off is well worth it, as an Obliterator can constantly be shifting its firing position to either get a bead on a target or to obscure themselves from incoming firing.

I have some minor gaps left to fill with green stuff but nothing major. I used the tree branches to help re-angle the models so that you could easily see their faces and to add to the forest theme at the same time. One of them uses a fantasy Ghoul face from the Vampire count line. While the other has a Chaos Spawn head. They both use some minor spawn bitz and some green stuff to amplify the Nurgle look. Overall I like them a lot more than the stock Obliterators. I have more two more Obliterators that still need to be exposed to the swamp. Fear not though as I will post some pictures up once they finished. 

Bon Appetit!!!


  1. very cool conversions man! good to see your work again.


  2. Thanks for checking out the BLOG CanolliCrusader. This is my new home, its a bit dark and damp but the fungus makes for a killer pillow.

  3. Having faced four of these last friday, I already have a health hatred / respect for them.

    Can't wait to see them painted mate.

  4. I have already began painting one with the spawn head and I do had a blast in doing so. I will thrown up some finished pics sometime this summer as I am away right now.

  5. This is a great technical analysis of the Obliterator, as well as a fantastic display piece. Two for one. Beautiful. I'm really looking forward to watching these conversions develop.

  6. Nice conversion and tactical analysis mate! Keep up the good work.

  7. Thanks for all comments everyone. One of my aims with my blog is to have an aspect of the hobby for each and every type of gamer. I try my best to always include some FLUFF, some modeling, some painting and some tactics.

    I did add one more tactical analysis heading to this blog post title "I'm not slow, I'm just heavy". I cannot believe I forgot to talk about an Obliterators ability to fire its heavy weapons on the move.

  8. Let's see if this comment works (as it don't above)... continue to be impressed by the narrative that you have managed to thread through the minis in your army, not only on the blog but in the minis themselves. Well done.

  9. Thanks Max for the compliments. I recently have just started delving into the fluff side of my army, something I never consider before. I always enjoyed righting and right now I am looking at signing up for some writing classes. Perhaps at a later date I will write a more comprehensive background on the army.

    Glad you are enjoying the blog and if you or anyone has any suggestion on how to improve it please let me know.

  10. If I were to start a Heretic army those would be the first things I got.

    There great units.