Friday, May 27, 2011

3 Flashback Friday #1: Swamp Rhinos

If you followed my old blog you might have noticed that I have been re-posting some of the content from there.  The reason being is that I essentially want to bring everyone up to speed on all that is HotPANDA.  This will specially allow me to share my Chaos Space Marine army, The Betrayer's of Pain with new followers and old alike.  An added bonuses is that it will also reinvigorate me to paint some of my side projects that have not been blessed with the rotten brush of pigment. So without wasting anymore of your time here is the first official Friday Flashback....

Twisted branches punched through the hulls of the three Rhinos pulling them down into the murky depths of the swamp.  Fungus clung to the vehicles armour filling in the scars of it's battle torn past.  They looked like they had been forgotten about; relics of past.  Twenty one bloated Space Marines bodies laid motionless around the dilapidated Rhinos.  The trap was set...

The Crimson Fist Scout stalked quietly in towards their death, they never saw it coming.  First the trees lashed out at the the Scouts, grabbing their attention.  All three of the ghostly Rhinos smoke discharges exploded next.  The smoke engulfed the Scouts as the Rhinos let off long burst with their pintle mounted bolters.  Half of the Scouts were dead by this point.  As if on cue the twenty one bloated bodies rose up from the swampy waters hacking their rusted chain swords into the remaining Scouts. 

When the smoke cleared the only thing left were the bodies of the butchered scouts.  The bloated Space Marines and the Rhinos were no where to be seen."

When I originally made my Nurgle Chaos Space Marine army I had not even considered the use of rhinos till 5th edition hit the tables.  It was at this point that I realized that if I wanted my army to be competitive I needed mobility.  For myself Rhinos were the perfect answer to my mobility solution as they were cheap and it would only take one or two minor changes to get them into my list.  For me it meant dropping my beautiful converted Dreadnought (I will show that to you another time).  By including Rhinos I have done the following:

Moblity = A vehicle moves six inches more than a foot solider in the movement phase.  This extra movement can be the difference between winning and losing in object based games.

Protection = My opponent has to pop the Rhino if it wants to kill the troops.

Saturation = With 3 Monstrous Creatures, 1 Defiler, 2 Obliterators, 21 Plague Marines and now 2 Rhinos my opponents heavy weapons are over loaded.  Meaning my opponent needs to make hard choices on what target they need to shoot at.

Castles = I now have the ability to castle my army for when the situation arises.  In other word I can now "Circle the Wagons" for protection.  This protection can either prevent enemies from gaining line of sight, provide cover saves or block enemy movement.

Modelling wise, my Rhinos offered me a chance to put the icing on the cake. They gave me yet another unique chance to cement my forest theme. I  built a total of three rhinos in this fashion with one of them being an old 3rd edition model.  I let my imagination run wild with them and they were a blast to model.  I envisioned them having a symbiotic relationship with the swamp.  The trees may now grow from within the Rhinos but the fungus that clings to their hulls repairs and covers the damage; acting as extra armour.  On the Rhino featured in this blog post the pintle mounted bolter is even maned by a tree branch.  Its 90% painted with some minor details and highlights left to do still but enough to put it on the table. I still need to glue the top of it to the bottom but I have some work on the inside still to do.  At a later time and date I will post up my painting recipe for them.  Till then stay out of the swamp.


  1. I'm loving the way you post and the stuff you post!

    The fluff is great .....
    The models are eye watering ....
    The tactics are solid ....

    Hasn't anyone told you mate, you're only supposed to be good at one of those things, not the whole lot! lol


  2. I completely agree with the good Colonel.

    You are the perfect triple-threat. Excellent site. I've really been enjoying these posts.

  3. Thanks, Col Corbane and BSMooves it means a lot coming for you two. I have to admit that I barrowed your post layout BSMooves by embedding the pictures amongst the text. This format use the pictures to pull the eye down through the post. BIG thanks BSMooves and I will be joining your movement of posting recipes for painting at some point.