Friday, July 15, 2011

3 Flashback Friday #8: Greater Daemon

"They threw the grimy rope over the branch of the twisted tree and tied the other noose on the other end. My hands and feet where shackled, not that it matter as they had broken both my legs ensure I could not escape. If it were not for the fact that the Father of Decay had blessed me with numerous gift I would felt the pain they inflicted upon me. I was their Plague Champion and they were my Chosen squad. All that no longer matter as I was now their toy. A toy in which they kept barely alive. A toy they punished for making them what they were. Deep down inside they wished they never pledged allegiance to me. Together we climbed through the ranks of the Company of the Shadow and together we would fall. The noose tightened around my neck as they hoisted me up off my feet and the world darken that day for all of us...My body hung from the tree for days, months and years. No one knew of my fate except for Nurgle himself. My body decayed and wither but in turn the the swamp embraced my rotting carcass and I was reborn. Reborn into a Greater Daemon..."
I kit-bashed it from a Games Workshop Tree along with numerous Chaos Space Marine box-sets. This model actually went through several mutations throughout the building phase. As such this model was an absolute blast to build and a further way to propagate my forest theme. 
The Greater Daemon of Storax, 99% complete in terms of painting, which is good enough for me at this time. I wanted him to match my Lesser Daemons and as such painted the tree itself with the same paint scheme as them. I went with the orange tongue to help draw attention to the face of the Daemon and the little nurgling as well. I used purple to also help guide the eye and balance the model. Regretfully I had to subdue the claws to prevent them from stealing the show. When my free hand gets better I plan on painting a design on the right shoulder pad thus it being so flat in the center. I have a couple layers of water effects left for the base and a wash on the holster. I'm very please with the outcome.
Here are some of the reason why I chose to include a Greater Daemon in my army and some tactics that I use with it.

A Monster Mash - Enables you to add another Monstrous Creature to your army on top of the ability to take two Daemon Princes. For me this was another model that could contribute to overloading my opponent's anti tanks weapons. 
A True Champion - I view him as a means to upgrading one of my Aspiring Champions rather than killing one of them off. Since the Aspiring Champion is going to die I have two Plain Jane Aspiring Champions, one in my Chosen Space Marine Squad and one in a Plague Marine Squad, Why waste points on upgrades that are going to disappear.

Slow Go - Unlike a Daemon Prince which can take wings to increase its mobility a Greater Daemon is slow moving. To help combat against this try to get either one of my Plain Jane Aspiring Champions as close to the enemy as possible. For my Chosen Space Marine Squad I can infiltrate them or roll the dice and outflank them hoping they come in from reserves a turn before the Greater Daemon. The other way I achieve this is with the Plague Marine Aspiring Champion as I tend to push their Rhino straight at the enemy. 
Who Needs Cover Saves? - With to a 4+ invulnerable save, cover saves tend to be a next to useless. As such take advantage of this and just walk your Greater Daemon right out in the open.

Invulnerable - With having a better invulnerable save then my Nurgle Daemon Princes I tend to use my Greater Daemon to soak up fire from low AP weapons and against power based close combat weapons.

Hope you all enjoyed and till next time, rot in hell.


  1. That's just sick, in a good way! Although it does give a slight insight into your mind mate.

    Remind me never to ask you to marry my daughter!

  2. Good combo of fluff and model- I get a bit of a Macbeth feeling about your army, as the woods ARE coming to EAT YOU!

  3. Cheers Col Corbane and Max. The Greater Daemon is the former/missing 7th member of my Chosen squad aka "The Forsaken". I will delve into their fate at a later date.

    Thanks as always for reading the BLOG.