Friday, August 19, 2011

5 Flashback Friday #13: Nurgle Dreadnought

"Powerful, respected, and cherished by the Father of Decay, is what Brother Aziz is.  Long ago he was held in the same regard amongst the Death Falcons as he was their Chapter Master.  It was in the first encounter with Daemon Prince Amir Basit where he was struck down; maimed and crippled his body was beyond recovery.  As his command squad fought to recover their Chapter Master they were slowly cut down by the Daemon Prince and the swamp itself.  Unable to help his Death Falcons, Aziz laid their motionless watching Amir Basit tear them apart limb by limb.  Their screams became trapped in his skull, haunting his mind with their demise.  When Amir Basit was done playing with them he stagged slowly over to Aziz laughing at the crippled Chapter Master.  "Fear not Aziz, for their screams will always be with you. They respected and cherished you and so will he.  Nurgle will give you the power that you deserve though, the power to live up to your name..."  Reaching into Aziz mouth Amir Basit ripped out his tongue.  Then licking Aziz across the face, leaving a trail of puss filled maggots behind.  The maggots crawled up into his mouth, burrowing deep into body as Amir Basit disappeared into the darkness of the night.

Several weeks later Aziz was recovered by the Death Falcons. The bodies of his command squad where no where to found though. Unable to move or speak the Chapter decided to placed their beloved Chapter Master into metal womb of a Dreadnought.  Trapped inside the metal tomb with the taint of Nurgle, his mind slowly rotted away..."

The Chaos Dreadnought is an unstable monstrosity that cannot be controlled.  On the gaming this is represent through its Rage rule.  The rule makes it so that you cannot predict or control its actions 100% rather it left to lady luck to decide.  The worst part of the Rage rule is when it goes into a shooting frenzy at the closest unit, friend or foe, with all of its shooting based weapons not once but twice. This makes a Chaos Dreadnought a liability in that you have to be carefully what other aspects of your army are around it. T his plague my mind as to how I could use one in my Nurgle Forest army for many weeks. Then it dawn on me that I could do the following to mitigate its Rage rule will still keeping it effect against the enemy:

1/ Walkers and Rhinos = Whether its my Defiler or one of my Rhinos this is who he should placed closest to due to the resilience of their armour.  When I say next to I mean either in front or beside never behind due their rear armour value.  When this is combined with a weapon load out of a Heavy Flamer and Missile Launcher damage due to fracticide is heavily minimized. 

2/ Heavy Flamer = This weapon's effectiveness is cut down by the fact that it cannot harm the side armour of my Defiler and on my Rhinos it needs a 6 to glance them.

3/ Missile Launcher = With the ability to choose either krak or frag rounds I can effectively make it so that if my Dread goes into a shooting frenzy against my Defiler or Rhino that I only use the frag rounds. The strength 4 value will not be enough to harm it.

4/ Infantry = If for whatever reason it needs or ends up next to my infantry based models I make sure it is at least out of flamer range (8"). This will leave just the missile launcher which has a good chance at scattering off with a frag round.

5/ Flexibility = By choosing the heavy flamer and missile launcher I have also set it up to be balanced. Whether its a horde of green skin Orks or an Ultramarine Rhino it has a weapon that can deal with any target.
On the modeling side of the house I treated my Dreadnought to reflect that of its name; Aziz is Arabic for Powerful, respected, and cherished. I lavished this model with a wide variety of bitz:

1/ Base of the model is an Assault on Black Reach Dreadnought;
2/ Games workshop trees once again for that Forest theme I love so much;
3/ A Cyclone Missile Launcher
4/ Dryad bits for the mini daemon on the base and minor branches;
5/ Chaos Rhino's extra armour bits;
6/ A Chaos Heavy Flamer; and
7/ Green stuff.
That's right seven different kits for my beloved Nurgle Dreadnought.  I love the face on my Dread as it amplifies the tortured soul that is trap inside of it.  In the end I opened my mind up to Nurgle and I was rewarded with a unique model that propagates my Nurgle Forest theme.


  1. Nice work sir, with lots of attention to detail. I like the claws on the close combat weapon - all knarly and very fitting to the theme.

  2. Cheers jabberjabber. The claws are made from the branch tips off the GW tree set. The model right now is patiently awaiting for me to arrive home so I can lavish it with paint.

  3. Should look pretty awesome with a paint job on it. Good job as usual.

  4. This army is going to look outstanding when it's finished mate. Loving your work matey.

  5. The worst part is is that the entire army has been painted already. HAHAHA but now that I've developed a fluff background based off of some vague GW fluff and the introuction of washes I want a new paint scheme for them. Why do I torture myself?