Friday, May 20, 2011

8 Units in Review: D is for DEFILER

The runes that glowed with the anger stemmed from the Daemon.  The hell that was unleashed stemmed from the mechanical cage that it was trap inside of.  Scampering up on to the smoldering Imperial Guard tank that it just tore apart, it let off a deafening blast from its' battle cannon at a squad of Imperial Guardsmen.  Their blood and corpses filled the crater where they once stood.  It closed the open ground between itself and the Imperial Guard Command Squad.  Reaching out with both of its mechanical arms it crushed two Ogryn body guard as if they were delicate xenos eggs. Its branch like arms lashed out simultaneously at the smaller members of the Command Squad swatting them away like flies, while one of its' legs pinned the Company Commander down. Slowly pressing down it severed the officer at the waist..."

My Defiler is my pride and joy of my Chaos Space Marine army, Betrayer's of Pain.  Its' hulking frame cast its shadow over the rest of the army including both of my Daemon Princes.  On the table top however it goes unnoticed the majority of the time despite the death it causes to my enemies. I am able to keep it alive by using the following strategies:

Look I have 4 arms: I took 2 extra dreadnought close combat arms on my Defiler since if I fire its' battle cannon, an ordnance weapon, it cannot fire anything else.  All of these arms result in 6 Attacks at strength 10 on the charge which is nothing to scoff at.

Fire first, Combat Second: Despite having 4 dreadnought close combat arms I chose the Defiler for it fire support capabilities first and its close combat prowess second.  This is my only means of dropping a large template down and as such the longer it can fire the better.

Cover Saves: I always try to generated a cover save by obscuring my defiler to as many heavy weapons threats as I can by blocking 50% of its hulking mass from their view. If the only means to doing so are with my Rhinos then so be it. With this in my I tend to keep my Defiler in the back field as the further away my opponent is the easier it is to generate the cover save.

Fleet of Foot: I always keep in mind that my Defiler has 'Fleet of Foot' which gives it a 13-18" assault range. By doing so I am able to catch unsuspecting enemy units and destroy them in close combat with ease.

Line Backer: If my two quarterbacks, my Winged Nurgle Daemon Princes, are the means to the end of my opponent I will not hesitate for a second to run my Defiler out in front of them.  Its' size is great enough that I can block line sight to both of them.  I have also used my Defiler to escort dismounted troops onto objectives by hiding them behind it.<

Chooser of the Slain: I actively seek to control what units get close to my Defiler and what units do not.  By doing so I am able to lock down units in close combat that cannot effectively fight against it and avoid the ones that can.

Back Up Against a Wall: If my opponent has the means to outflank, infiltrate or deep strike in behind my Defiler I try to keep my Defilers backside up against a table edge, another vehicle or piece of terrain. The reason for this is that its rear armour is its Achilles heel, armour value 10.

By combining all of these principles together I am able to create the impression that my Defiler is not an immediate threat when need.  In the event that I suffer a "Weapon Destroyed" result and lose its' battle cannon then I start to seek close combat instead.  I find that once my opponent destroys its' battle cannon after feeling the pain it can cause they forget about it close combat abilities.  Over all my Defiler is a devastating platform that is flexible and effective at both shooting and close combat.

Modeling WIP Shots
It may not be the commanding officer but it is their crown jewel.  It lends not only a tremendous amount of firepower and close combat prowess but it cements the forest theme I set out for the army.  Its' extra close combat arms and the various small branches were kit-bashed from the Games Workshop Citadel Wood terrain set.

Off the record, it drove me nuts painting all of the freaking purple trim. Still on my hit list are all the dam little rivets.  My eyes are bleeding already, why Papa Nurgle Why?!!!?.  As always any feedback is welcomed and encouraged. Thanks for visiting my BLOG.


  1. Looks really good... and yeah, inking/rusting rivets is always a pain, but the effect is SO nice.

    Much better CCWs than the original model I say.

  2. This is an incredible conversion!! wow. just. wow. In a million years, I wouldn't have thought to put those elements together, nor would I have been able to do so in such a brilliant manner. This is tremendous.

    You've really got me thinking about a Defiler for my own CSM...

  3. Outstanding mate, two kits I'd have never thought of putting together.

    Bring on the vanquisher!

  4. @rpthomps1111: I worded that section kinda funny as you are absolutely correct. I have re-worded it so it reads "6 ATTACKS at Strength 10..."

    Thanks for all the comments everyone much appreciated. This is actually the second paint job for this defiler. The entire army use to be green and purple. I am in the process of repaint my entire army.

    Keep an eye out for when I unveil my three rhinos. I am sure you will like them just as much.


  5. Nice, I see in "my wargaming" blog there is a cool spider tank

    cool machine you have.

  6. I love this so much =D Reminds me of Lord of the Rings haha.
    Oh and thanks for the follow on your old blog which bought me here. Look forward to more posts like this.

  7. A very twisted and demented defiler thats for sure...I sense the taint of chaos here...

    awesome job man, that is a sweet conversion! Yea I know the feeling, painting tanks and big models takes a lifetime. But in the end it is all worth it. Great model

  8. Great stuff mate, as someone above said I would have never have thought about mixing those two elements. 10 points for creativity and good work on the paint job.