Tuesday, May 24, 2011

0 Chaos Terminators and the Art of Termicide

Termicide - The act of causing ones own death. Termicide is indirect, when one does not desire it as an end or a means.  When one nevertheless commits an act which courts death in the attempt to hand out death to ones foes, knowing that you yourself may well succumb to the same illness.

To be assigned to a Chaos Space Marine (CSM) Termicide Squad is to live as one would die, to dies as one has lived. With the unique ability to field small unit with minimal war gear these Termicide Squads can change the course of a battle through their actions.  These acts however are daring ones that laugh in the face of death in an attempt to take as many lives down with them as possible before succumbing to their own wounds. Failure is not an option only death is.

The key to achieving an effective Termicide Squad is keeping the points down while balancing their ability to handle tasks involving shooting and close combat against various targets.  Keeping in mind that a Termicide Squad is going to be Deep Striking in as their method of entry as this grants them the element of surprise.  A Termicide Squad is always 3 in size since anything more start to increase the cost of the squad to a point where they are not longer points effective.  CSM Terminators are able to achieve this balance between effectiveness and cost thanks to each Terminator's ability to field a combi weapon and a specialized close combat weapon.  On top of this each squad, regardless of how big it is, can take one heavy weapon. The question is what do you take though?  With the fact that they will not be able to assault the turn they arrive they need to be able to do some serious damage via shooting as soon as they arrive against various targets.  Combi Meltas, Combi Flamers and the HeavyFlamers are the most effective and cheapest shooting based war gear at their disposal.  These three weapon will allow them to pop a tank/walker and or trim the fat off of any horde.  If the squad survives the onslaught of fire power thrown their way they are more than likely going to get assaulted or be assaulting the next chance they get.  This is where their specialized Close Combat weapons come into play.  Standard war gear gives them each a power sword which is great for killing as it negates armour saves.  However it cannot handle vehicles/walkers in close combat.  To help with this one Chainfist (preferred) or Powerfist can make the world of difference.  If you know your army has a weakness in terms of anti tank or anti horde one can always focus the squads war gear around that.  For example, if your problem is that your army is lacking anti tank then a Termicide Squad can be use to plug that hole with a 3 man squad all equipped with Combi Meltas and one member with a Chainfist.  There are several different variants of the Termicide Squad but the principles remain the same; as cheap as possible, yet as effective as possible.
Below are several Termicide Squad load outs directed towards filling a specific goal:

All Comers
120 = CSM Terminators x 3: Combi Melta x2, Heavy Flamer and Chainfist x 1
* A wide variety of weapons for maximum target flexibility

Anti Tank
120 = CSM Terminators x 3: Combi Melta x 3 and Chainfist x 1
*All weapons are geared at popping vehicles/walkers

Anti Horde
105 = CSM Terminators x 3: Combi Flamer x 2, Heavy Flamer
*Lots of flamers to help trim the fat off of any horde

As you can clearly see you each of these three Termicide squads cost no more than 120 points but remember they are specifically designed to cost very little as they are in all likely hood going to die on the battlefield.  If you feel confident that your Termicide Squad will survive first contact and that assault is where they will meet death then the Icon of Khorne is an option as it will grant them +1 attack each while giving them an Icon to call down additional units.   If you have some points to spare but not enough for an Icon of Khorne then you can always make any of them a Champion as this will also give them a +1 to their attacks.
In terms of modeling the terminator kit is one that can be exploited like the rear armour on a Dreadnought.  Take the opportunity to personalize your Termicide squad.  Myself I wrapped each of my terminators with my steadfast Nurgle forest theme.  I did this by heavily mutating each of them with Spawn bitz.  I  included several smaller branches on the base and various war trophies on each of the models.  Last but not least I add some fungus via green stuff to them.

In the end death is the only outcome that a Termicide Squad is looking to achieve. If they cannot achieve that then their only answer is death itself.

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