Friday, September 9, 2011

5 Flashback Friday #15: Chosen CSM - The Forsaken

The Forsaken

"Our nerve ending fired once again...Burst of pain shot through our bodies...we withered around on the ground like maggots begging for his forgiveness.  Forgiveness is not what he granted us, rather a curse that binds us to him.  We only wish for death itself but it is not up to us when we will die but rather to him, The Father of Decay.  Condemned to a life of endless death and pain he brings us back from the dead only to suffer again.  Once we were his Chosen but now we are the Forsaken."

In terms of game play I use them in every single game regardless of the point limits and have never once regretted fielding them.  They are a force multiplier and this is how I field them every time they hit the table:

193 points = Chosen x 6: Plasma Guns x 5 and an Aspiring Champion with nothing.
Primary Role: Anti TEQ/MEQ
Secondary Role: Anti Armour, contest objectives and a entry point for my Greater Daemon.
Method of Entry: Outflank or if the terrain is suitable they can infiltrate.
Description: My local area is flooded with power armour armies and as such a lot of them include terminators. This unit is designed to assassinate terminators first and foremost. Seventy five percent of the time I outflank them with the intention of catching units near the table edge or in the open with ten plasma shots. Yes I may not get the side I want by through careful deployment I can pull my opponent to have units on both sides of the table. If there are no TEQ/MEQs in the open for them to shoot I then look for rear armour shots. Strength seven has a great chance at popping a vehicle that has an armour facing ten. This is magnified by the fact that I will have ten shots hitting that vehicle. If I do outflank them and my Greater Daemon arrives the same turn or before the Chosen hit the board the AC is just a extra wound for me to allocate to. One that does not kill off a plasma gun.  If they infiltrate or hit the table before the Greater Daemon their Aspiring Champion can be used as an entry point if needed. This unit also fairs well when dealing with horde armies due to the amount of shots they can put out. They may have all plasma guns but I feel that the plasma gun is the most flexible weapon they can take in terms of balanced shooting.  Units I have killed are: Rhinos, Devastators, Thunderfire Cannon and countless Terminators. I have yet to be disappointed with this units performance.

Here are some pictures of my Chosen Chaos Space Marines aka "The Forsaken".  They are 90% complete in these pictures with only minor elements left to paint and of course the basing. 

I left a blank shoulder pad on each of them just like my Greater Daemon so that I can paint on their squad symbol; the pictured featured at the top of this BLOG post.  The image itself pays homage to their former Loyalist Chapter from which they were forged from the Death Falcons.  At the same time the arrows form a broken Chaos star to represent their curse while the bleeding face shows their suffering.  I kit based them from Dark Angels, Possessed Chaos Space Marines and the face of one Fantasy Ghoul.  

Hope you all enjoyed and as always all comments and criticism are welcome.


  1. 5 Plasma fecking guns? 5! That's obscene!

    I thought I was lucky being able to take 4 in a command squad or 3 in a vet squad.

    I hope ya burn you heretic!

  2. Who the hell needs kill teams when you Chaos Chosen Space Marines. 4 Speacial weapons and one heavy/special weapon.

    Life is sweet when you do not worship a rotting emperor.

  3. Haha, I thought from the icon at the top of the post you'd started playing Warcraft instead.

  4. If I can use the Warcraft symbol as the basis for some free hand work I think it will capture the essence of the army.

  5. I think the Warcraft symbol is prefect for your Chaos guys!