Friday, June 17, 2011

10 Flashback Friday #4: ZOMBIE IG

Betrayer's of Pain, a Nurgle dedicated Chaos Space Marine Renegade Force, have been linked to a recent outbreak of the Zombie Plague. Daemon Prince Zulfiqar and Daemon Prince Basit are believed to be spreading it via Nurgle's Rot. So far to date they have only infected an small Imperial Outpost just outside of the Eye of Terror. The Imperial Navy is moving towards the ground zero in an attempt to confine the Betrayer's of Pain to the planet they are currently on. The Ordo Malleus has linked Fabius Bile to the Zombie Plague.  It is believed that the Betrayer's of Pain have commissioned him to raise an undead army in their name. It is estimated that the Betrayer's of Pain have a company's worth of undead at their hands including vehicles to support their troops. Progress is slow though as the Inquistion has ordered the evacuation of the planet including all military forces. By not confronting the enemy they deny them the ability to raise more zombies.  This will also provide the Imperium with time, much need time.  With it they can gain a better understanding of what they are up against.

Company Commander and his 2 Sergeants
Vox Casters 
Flamer A 
Flamer B 
Melta A 
 Veteran A with 1 x Melta
Veteran B 
Veteran C 
Veteran D 
Veteran E 
There you have it folks some of my models from my Renegade IG army that I am building; Company of Rot.  I have some minor green stuff to do on the models themselves and a few small bits like knives, grenades, pouches and such to add to them still. I absolutely love this project as Imperial Guard is normally a sea of the same face over and over. However I feel I have made 30 individuals who are all unique with their own story. As usually its the conversion that have lured me to the Imperial Guard, well Renegade Imperial Guard but I also like the fact that it ties in with my CSM Nurgle Army, Betrayer's of Pain. Any how enough rambling from me.

PS - Who is your Favorite???


  1. Great stuff!

    My favorite is probably the middle flamer guy in group A.

    I'd really love to see some that play with the sturdy nature of the zombies. Like: guy aiming gun with one hand, head in other hand to see his target; icon with zombie torso impaled on top still functional (rifle, or throwing grenades, or using vox, etc.); zombie crouching behind cover, holding his head up to check for enemy, etc.

    Good luck with the rest of the project!

  2. Great choice SonsofTaurus. Mine has to be the 2nd Sargent, the one with the grenade in his left hand.

    Even though they are zombies I'm going for a more serious take on the army. Later in the week I will post up the 2000pt list that I'm working towards with some indications of what models I will be using for each of the units.

    Thanks for the reply and for becoming a Cult Member.

  3. They're all great, though if I really have to choose it would be the commander. There's just something about this pose that makes for the perfect combo of flesh-eating gribbly and semi-cunning leader.

    These look like they will be a ton of fun to paint as well, any particular colourscheme in mind yet?

  4. Very hard to pick out the best as Hephesto said all great.

  5. The Company Commander has that Stoic like look that is about to fall right off his face at any moment.

    In terms of paint schemes I was thinking of following the German WWII black/grey for the uniforms. Instead of red as an accent colour I was going to go with purple. Reason for the purple is to tie them in with my Chaos Space Marine Army, Company of the Shadow who has purple trim. For the flesh on the zombies themselves I was thinking a greenish colour with of course, red for blood and yellows for puss. I am open to suggestion though.

  6. How about one guy trying to hould his guts in?

  7. That is a great idea Derina. When I start my next batch of zombie IG I will definitely keep that one in mind.


  8. Outstanding, they make my guard seem so plain. I honestly can't decide which is my favourite.

    Can't wait to see them painted.

  9. The middle guy from Veteran Squad D looks amazing, so I'd have to go with him.

    Really loving the work, fella.


  10. You like the sharp shooter, nice picture. Each and everyone of them is unique in their own way. My second favorite is FLAMER A, last one as he has burned his skin down to the bones on his left leg and arm. Thanks for the comment and keep you eyes peeled this summer for more.