Friday, March 2, 2012

0 Old Stuff Day: Shifting the Meta Game into High Gear

I was scrounging around the scrap yard that is my life and I dug this interesting post up from a time when 5th edition was brand spanking new.  Before Old Stuff Day ends I thought it would be fitting to reminisce on 5th edition since it's almost out of fuel. 

VRRROOOOOOOOOOM!!!! Thats right ladies and gentleman the Meta Game has started its engines and it appears that across the Nations that Mechanized Armies are all the craze. Some of you may be wondering what's so hot about it other than their engines overheating? While others are simple dawning their crew suits and driving gloves but are left wondering why they did in the first place? A crowd on the sidelines are looking for ways to bring mechanized armies down? Then their are the small groups in the pits that are thinking of ways to exploit this and how?
So why are mechanized list the new craze and what brought about this change? Shortly after 5th edition hit the shelves people seemed to realize that its actually hard to hit a vehicle in close combat. Yes it was the same in 4th but its as if someone shined a lasgun on it. Perhaps is was the merging of the Glancing Damage Table and the Penetrating Damage Table into the one we now see in 5th. This made the ability to score a destroyed result from a Glance a lot harder unless you are targeting an open top vehicle or are using a rare ap1 weapon. Now keep in mind that I said Hit and not damage. If a vehicle stays still its an auto hit, if moves under 6" you need a 4 to hit but if vehicle moves over 6" you are going to need a 6 regardless of if you are using a power fist or your finger nails. So as long as you keep that vehicle moving you can make your opponent life a little bit tougher. Add into the mix the ability for units to outflank and playing a static army quickly becomes less appealing. 5th edition did balance these out somewhat by allowing all attacks on vehicle to go against their rear armour but remember you must get the hit first before you can damage it. Combine this with the fact that vehicles provide mobility, block line of sight, protection and it becomes very enticing to Pimp your units Ride. Things get worse though when armies can field vehicles that have armour 14 all around, including the rear armour. How do you deal with a metal monstrosity like this though?

Some of you have been yelling the whole time while reading this "Just SHOOT the dam vehicle instead!" With that being said then we are also going to see a shift in the weapons being brought to the table. We are going to see more anti-tank weapons which is only logical. That means there will be an abundant amount of meltaguns, lascannons, missile launchers and other strength 8 or higher weapons kicking around. Melta and lance type weapons are the most effective anti-tank weapons and this is what you are going to need to deal with those pesky armour 14 pillboxes. Every action though has a reaction and if there is going to be more anti-tank striking primers than something else will have to give. In this case it's going to be the anti-horde weapons. This coincides with the meta game shifting its gears into mechanized armies. Ork players by the squigs are already seeking out the employment of Bigmeks so they can trade in their Leather Tramp moniker in for a Rubber Tramp one.

One or two of you out there are eying up all these foot slogging leather boots and are thinking is the only changes to come or is their an overdrive gear I can take advantage of. Perhaps, perhaps not but my thoughts, The Self Appointed General HotPanda, believes there are few. Take the following with a glass a water and bag salt and maybe you can find something tangible to swallow in what I'm about to say. Certain armies are going to take a hit while others are going to leave some us in their dust. Death Guard being one of them. Chaos Space Marine players pay a heavy amount of points to field Plague Marine for the durability they bring to their army. However once all these high strength anti-tank weapons are done chewing up your vehicles or if they simple have none to shoot at these guns are going to find new targets of opportunity. They have the ability to ignore "Feel No Pain" and thus steal the gift that Papa Nurgle gave to these Plague Marines. Armies that will benefit are going to be ones that can field those rolling fortress of armour; Landraiders. Some of us have already seen or heard of armies that are field multiple Landraiders. So expect to see more of these on the table for both Chaos and Loyalist Marine armies alike. Loyalist are going to be looking to Vulkan to lead their Landraiders and their troops into battle as he turns those oh so valuable meltas into twin-link melting monsters. I wouldn't be surprised to see the occasional Ork player roll the dice with a footslogging horde that does not have a single point of armour to be found in their army. A list of this style would make a mockery of those high strength, single shot weapons. All the while making their opponent wish they had of taken more anti-horde.  The rarely seen Dark Eldar will continue to use their highly effective mass Raider/Dark Lance lists while their Eldar brethren will employee more lances and Wave Serpents. How can we forget the Imperial Guard with their new codex doing laps around the rest of us. The ability for their Infantry Squads to take Chimeras now and the introduction of the Valkyrie/Vendetta makes it a lot harder for Guard Generals to turn off the ignitions.

In the end whether you are a dying race or a flourish fungus we will all see a change and we all will react to those change. With the vast majority of armies out their being in Space Armour (All variants of Space Marines) you will without a doubt see an increase in tire tracks on the battlefield. Its the majority that sets the trends and dictates the Meta Game but its the minority that has the ability to change it. It's this small group that will look to improve the wheel and thus once again Shift the Meta Game into High Gear.

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