Monday, June 20, 2011

6 Model Mondays #3: 2 Daemon Princes, 1 Shadow

"An ancient and terrible creature rose from the underhive of Bastonbeil's capital and began to feed upon the souls of the living, devouring millions. The Death Falcons responded with their entire Chapter and battled the mindless zombies left by the creature, before hunting for the beast itself. It is not known what occurred in the dark depths of the underhive, but three months later, the Death Falcons were no more. Instead, the Betrayers of Pain emerged, wearing green armour that writhed with the faces of the damned. Storming the upper reaches of the hive, they overthrew the Imperial Commander, taking control of the planet.

Over the last nine hundred years, they have used the enslaved planet as their base, using it to launch bloody attacks against neighboring systems." During this time the swamp lands of Bastonbeil have slowly taken back what was theirs. The underhive is now overgrown with trees and the streets are filled with murky water's of the swamp lands. It is here that Daemon Prince Amir Basit and Amir Zulfiqar reside over the Company of the Shadow. They together were the "terrible creature" that rose from the underhive. They together were the ones who corrupted the Death Falcons and turned them over to their God, Father Nurgle. They together continue to plague the neighboring systems with their Nurgle dedicated Chaos Space Marines, Betrayers of Pain.

Daemon Prince AMIR BASIT 
(Arabic for "The one who enlarges")
Nurgle Daemon Prince AMIR ZULFIQAR 
(Arabic for "Cleaver of the Spine")

I painted both of the Daemon Princes over 3 years ago and they were part of the first army that I painted in the colour "Done".  They are far from perfect but in the eyes of Nurgle they are beautiful.  I learned a lot about painting and my skills as a painter while painting both of these models.  I absorbed a lot of information with regards to washes and dry brushing which I have still not mastered.  I like many others end up over brushing when I attempt to dry brush.  In the end I do not have the patience required for it but it will come with time.  Speaking of time I painted not only these two models but an entire 1850 points army in 60 days.  They are the crown of the army and as such I look back at them with found memories. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


  1. You can't beat a little bit of fluff with an army or group of models, nicely done sir.

    Let's hope they create much decay and destruction upon the False Followers of their beloved corpse.


  2. As time has passed by my interest in the fluff of my army has increased exponentially. I have had my Nurgle CSM army for about a year and half now. They originally where known as the Betrayer's of Pain but after reading about Company of the Shadow and falling in love with the GW washes I knew things had to change. I revamped their paint scheme (which I am still working on) and frothed over their new fluff.

    Over the next couple of blog post I will show case/introduce other units in Company of the Shadow. Thanks for checking out the blog and I hope you enjoy what is to come as well.

  3. The Independent CharactersFebruary 24, 2010 at 8:59 PM

    Looking awesome as usual. I'll have pictures of my Khorne stuff to share with you soon.

  4. Cheers for the support Broadsword. I'm tracking your blog right now and enjoying every minute of it. Hope you are enjoying mine. My next editorial is going to be 1 of 2 maybe 3 that cover how I constructed and viewed the CSM codex.

  5. I love both of those models.

    I have a fledgling Forgeworld Nurgle army that I'm keeping hidden at the back of the attic for a rainy day and these two guys provide great inspiration!

  6. Hidden away in an attic for a rainy day is exactly where Nurgle likes to be.